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About Us | A complete wine guide & then random review

Nippywine.com is a professional website mainly concentrates reviewing differant tools & gadget from regular life. Our review works was first started with Wine Cooler, Wine Decanter, Wine Glasses, Wine Dispenser, Wine Aerators, Electric Wine Opener, Wine Racks, Corkscrews and Pumps and Stoppers etc.

Later on, we started working on a random review & other assessment. To add value to the ultimate reader group, we made our objective more wide & open. Surely this blog gives a sense of wine and other such kinds of things but, you will get some other awesome staffs out there. 

Our professional team of young rockstars collectively works on true information, solid review and brings all the latest updates to wine lovers like you. Here you will find not only the reviews but also lots of informative articles.

How we review best wine coolers, decanter, dispenser & other tools

Our review of the best wine tools starts from collecting anonymous user experience regarding specific products. Then we create a list of critical success factors for future assessment. When considering the critical success factors, we pick up just everything. Such as, review of the best wine coolers also considered some unusual factors which came from a minor amount of users. And then we allocate the marks and seek approval from our rating committee. Followed by those preliminary works, we then start evaluating the wine tools by Stewart and start listing down all info. Often we seek opinion various wine professionals.

Read the Guide | Get yourself one step ahead

As said earlier, we never start pitching the typical lines. We get the pure juice and keep in front of you. After reviewing more than 34 products during almost 5 days – we kicked off a complete buying guide for our audiences. It helps getting the right wine cooler with no hesitation. Here’s the link. Read it loud.

Built in Wine Refrigerator

Two Step Authentication Permits the Final Review Results

A highly experience social review team works on collecting information from social media. If there is any need for specific information, we also seek an opinion from manufactures (if possible). We ensure to avoid any vague or irrelevant information on our website. Then we justify the previously allocated marks and send it to an independent review team for further approval. After getting the final approval (usually after a huge amount of moderation) we publish the review and other articles. That’s how you have seen our most appreciated assessment report about wine coolers.

How we conduct wine cooler review[/vc_column_text][vc_text_separator title=”What Have we Done for Wine Lovers?” color=”green” border_width=”2″][vc_column_text]Our primary focus is to help you in deciding which wine stuff to buy first. Rather than smashing the product description, we provide the actual user experience.  Our reviews go online for public only after performing 10 steps procedure in order to ensure greater transparency. After reviewing the product, we ensure it fulfills your desired requirements. Each topic here explains THOUSANDS of more related areas so that you never go outside of this website. Let me explain…

When we published our first review of the Best Wine cooler, we have also published its comprehensive buying guide, FAQ list, and other related knowledge bases such as Wine pairing recipes, Beginners guide to serving wine at perfect temperature etc. Our highly skilled technical research team continuously triggers new topics that come into the appearance just before other similar websites. We ensure all wine tools and variety of pieces of stuff are covered here and that further pushed towards studying on wine decanter, corkscrews, glasses and dispenser etc.

Featured Article | Wine Serving tips & Temperature Guide 

In this article you will get to know about following things:

Beginners wine guide✓ Overall knowledge of wine blends, wine variety and other terms 

✓ The perfect temperature of all version of wine 

✓ A complete guide to all types of wine 

✓ Swirling guide & in-depth analysis of oxidization 

✓ A brief overview of wine faults 

✓ A complete guide to choose the perfect wine glass

✓ Placing, touching and pouring instructions 

✓ Overall serving Etiquette etc. 

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Beginners’ Wine Guide | Testing, Drinking, and Pairing

A comprehensive wine guide is required by all. Testing wine is not always an easy job without having a good sense­ of wine. Team ‘Nippywine’ has worked restlessly to cover almost 100%. Check that article Now!!!

wine cooler

This is a short checklist of our comprehensive buying guide you should read before buying a wine chiller. The first step you will make is to ensure whether you need a countertop wine cooler or a built-in under counter wine cooler. Our FAQ checklist can also help you in deciding the basics. You can also go for a dual zone wine cooler if there are both red and white wines. Read our wine guide in order to ensure you are serving wines with proper etiquette at the correct temperature.

Thermoelectric cooling can also be a good choice if you are tired of the bigger noise and power consumption. Final knock shall go for the additional features such as

wine cooler Locking facility

UV protected glass

cooler with wheel

Automatic temperature memory function

Adjustable shelf etc. Read our wine cooler buying guide for a detailed guideline.

Not yet done | We have also tested alternative way of wine chilling

wine chilling alternative

Yes, we tried to save your money!

Our entire research team worked for more than a week on discovering what another alternative way of cooling wine might be! And we are not empty handed! Read this. A far different way of cooling wine can become your most essential thing!

We then published another content of single bottle wine chiller. There would be 5 best wine chillers mainly appropriate for one bottle. Check that out!!!

Read Nippy Wine’s Health Blog

Team nippy wine not only concerned about reviewing and wine tools. We publish regular health-related posts just to make you aware of the related issues. Here’s a quick list of our foot-marks.

Learn why some wine causes a headache & the way of prevention

Learn why drinking alcohol increases the risk of Breast Cancer & Its prevention tips 

Review of the best Patio Ice Chest & Outdoor Cooler

Who do not need an ice chest or other outdoor patio coolers? Almost every one of us needs this for chilling beer and other drinks. There are different types of outdoor patio cooler.

Best Outdoor Patio Cooler

So far we have considered each of them. In our first article, we have covered followings:

Patio Cooler with wheels: In this category, we have only considered those outdoor cooler that can move. So far we have reviewed 4 patio cooler on wheels. In our opinion – the best product is Trinity. Click here to get the full review of other three patio ice chest with the wheel. Also, We have reviewed the most popular patio ice chest boxes that include Yeti, Pelican, Engel USA etc. After tasting more than 35 patio ice chests we shortlisted these 10 best outdoor ice boxes for you. Not only this, we have included plenty of tips that will help you to increase the ICE RETENTION.

I hope you should not wait so long without watching the best shortlisted outdoor patio ice chest, outdoor cooler with the wheel and the awesome wooden cooler boxes.

The Best Camping Cooler Review

best-camping-coolerWe have done a lot with the camping coolers. Indeed, choosing a cooler for camping it’s an easy job at all. This is not something that you will just anyone from the shelf and move on. When deciding which coolers/ice chest suits best for the campers you need to check and assess more than 15 things. For this, we have emphasized much on the ice retention. Lock feature would be another added advantage for the highest safety. From all aspects, we marked the BEAR PROOF coolers higher for their added specialties.  Not only that, you will find a lot of tips for camping in this article.

Review of the best soft-sided coolers

soft-coolerSoft-sided coolers are inclined to sweat throughout the carpeting on your trunk. These chairs have the capability where organizers are tempted to consume them, to withstand scents. They’re simple to clean and resist mold or mildew. Should they do get dirty, you can wash out them. Also, we’ve specially made fish cooler totes to maintain your grab trendy and different from the snacks and beverages.

A whole lot of the coolers have other racks like being a mesh side pocket you’re able to put bites and extra or sunscreen cups. They may provide pockets that are small to maintain cellular phone, your keys, or other things you don’t desire to wait too, but usually, do not wish wet.

Check the Floating Coolers for more Fun!

floating-coolerWhen we started the review of all patio coolers, it was just impossible to skip the inflatable coolers. Its true that an inflatable cooler may not serve you as like n YETI but, still we need that for our outdoor fun. Here we have discussed almost everything about the inflatable coolers. Definitely there would be some pros and cons but still, the extraordinary functionality will surely help you to get a new one. You can also check that new one with a Bluetooth speaker that pump ups the party. So many choices there, so many varieties. Just check it out.

After reviewing more than 50 products we ended with a very short list of the best inflatable coolers suitable for pool and river. Who knows when it comes to assistance, get one before the regret goes off!

2018’s Comprehensive Buying Guide for the Best Wine Decanters

Our another milestone has reached to triggering out just everything of wine decanters. One single article will tell just everything about it. In that decanter research work, you will get to know the following.

wine decanter review and buying guide What is decanting

Steps of using it

Different style, purpose, and material of a wine vessel

Difference between carafe and aerator

How long to decant wine

Washing instructions and tips

Detailed review

And, some other secrets…

Also Worked on Electric Wine Openers

Considering the demand of our regular audience, the team ‘NippyWine’ has published an in-depth buying guide on the Best Electric Wine Openers. Check that out here.

We have separated the openers as a gift, family use, commercial use and for physically disabled persons. So far we did not miss any of the standard criteria that have the ability to contrast our assess process significantly. If you go to that review, you will definitely see the vast scope you have taken into consideration.

After working three weeks we made the work available to the public. So far we have considered several key points during the review. Some of them are Buying instructions for electric wine openers; Different types of wine opener and their differentiation; Using instructions; Best product for the Arthritis patients; Screw length; Firmness; Battery quality; Upward performance; An opener for commercial use etc.

Here’s a summary of our best pick for electric wine opener:

Electric Wine Bottle OpenerLifu electric opener

Ozeri opener, best for the arthritis patient

Breberry stainless steel bottle opener

Secura cordless electric opener

Click here to see Best Electric opener

Do you have a dog? Explore secrets of the best dog house

Portable Dog House

As said earlier, we review only the best products. A couple of weeks ago we thought to publish an in-depth review and buyers guide for the best dog house. As always we just left nothing out there. Our journal includes just everything about Insulated dog house that suits both indoor and outdoor. So, if you have a dog, just check that out now!

Recently worked on the Best Tool Backpack review

Tool Backpack

It’s the most essential to pick the tool backpack that matches along with your tools. Knowing that the burden of your trade’s equipment you will carry may aid you in finding the tool backpack that you carry. Be mindful, a terrible selection of an instrument backpack can allow one to fall out of a major elevation and hurt one. Check it out. It’s a BIG article covering 8 tool backpacks and HUNDRED more informative resources. Once again its an all-in-one solution for the tool backpack seekers. On top of that – an in-depth buying guide will drive you to a comprehensive buying plan.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]