11 Best Built-in Under Counter Wine Cooler & Refrigerator Review

If you are wondering to find some of the best under counter wine cooler & refrigerator review – This is the perfect place I have to say.

Before I get into the core part –

So, I would love to draw your attention on following issues:

✤ Factors you should consider before buying an under cabinet wine chiller

✤ What are the other alternatives you probably have

I hope, you have already gone through our latest article on – few facts about different cooler & comprehensive buying guide.


I hope you know what’s the difference between a freestanding wine chiller and the built-in under counter options!

However, built-in under-counter coolers are often expensive due to following reasons

✤ Manufacturers or suppliers need to design based on your requirement

✤ Off the shelf, products may not fit in the preserved space

✤ Under cabinet chillers require air circulation from the front – that encounters methodological complexity

✤ By nature – its exclusive (as the customers tend to be businessman & wine collectors or diplomats)

We have considered UNLIMITED products and picked the TOP 7 for you.

Our professional research addressed all of the probable issues that can affect your buying decision.

In some circumstances, we have sought the logical explanation from sellers.

However, our given opinion is 100% unbiased & independent but, it can change upon updates of user experience & product specification.

Best Under Counter Wine Refrigerator

Here are the top seven under counter wine chiller.

  1. Kalamera 15 inches wine cooler for 30 bottles
  2. AKDY 21 bottles thermoelectric wine cooler
  3. Newair built-in dual zone wine cooler for 52 bottles
  4. Kalamera 12 inches built-in wine refrigerator for 18 bottles
  5. Newair AWR compact 52 bottles wine chiller
  6. Kalamera 15 inches wine fridge for 30 bottles
  7. Edgestar 30 bottle wine cooler

Below we have given the in-depth review. check one by one.

#1. Kalamera 15 inch wide Wine Cooler (30 Bottle)


It’s a 15 inch free standing wine cooler with Double layer tempered glass with the maximum capacity of 30 bottles. Slotted beech wood shaped sturdy appearance pushed the product on top of the list with some other amazing adds on. (See later section)

The Best Part

Temperature memory function helps to store back the temperature to where it has left off. It’s very useful when there are some good collections which is subject to temperature control.

Double layer tempered glass protects the cooler from fogging which is very useful when the temperature keeps changing with indoor fire and air conditioner.

Probably it would be the best choice if you are thinking about to keep in kitchen or bar area.

Moreover, the advanced technology protects the cooler from vibrating & generating noises. Finally, the soft blue LED light adds an extra bit of awesome flavor that enhance the taste of wine.

Other features

✔ Security lock (universal hexagon bolt lock)

✔ Reversible door

✔ Advanced cooling technology ensures low vibration & fresh cooling

Thing we couldn’t like

It’s a single zone cooler that limits storing different red & white choices at different temperatures.

The Bottom Line

Its STURDY, Its Awesome, Highly recommended for large consumption.

Important Tip

✔ Don’t place bottles until 24 hours are GONE

✔ If you don’t need that BIG one – try the smaller versions from same MANUFACTURER

#2. AKDY 30 inch wide Dual zone thermoelectric freestanding wine cooler


This is a thermoelectric wine cooler that chills 21 bottles. Wooden shelves add sturdy flavour the technology by default is noise free.

For your help, this is a short overview of thermoelectric functionality.

The Best Part

The big advantage here is dual zone facility that means you can preserve your variety of choices s different temperature control.

7 pull out wooden shelves makes it sturdy and fashionable that also ensures ease of access. There are also adjustable legs that allows to handle inclined surface.

Our through web research also suggests that there are almost zero objections regarding humidity and its service.

Advantage of a thermoelectric wine and beverage chiller

✔ Due to not having an electric compressor, there will be lesser amount of noise

✔ Over freezing is almost impossible

✔ The temperature inside the cooler would be 10 degrees to 12 degrees (0r 50-54 Fahrenheit) which will also be naturally adjusted with the external temperatures. So, you don’t need to adjust the temperature regularly.

✔ Its environment friendly

✔ Consumes less energy overall so, you can certify this unofficially as energy efficient

Disadvantage of a thermoelectric wine and beverage chiller

✘ The method requires some time. You cannot serve instantly chilled bottle

✘ Its inside temperature is directly related & balanced to the environment. So, if its placed in a hotter area, there is a chance inner temperature may not become cold at all.

✘ By entering a huge number of bottles might deteriorate the cooling temperature.

Let’s just forget about the disadvantages of the thermoelectric system. As everything in this world has the same.

#3. NewAir AWR-460DB 52 Bottle Built in Dual Zone Cooler


This compressor cooled awesome refrigerator cools 52 bottles at two different controllable automatic temperature (often called dual zone). Temperatures are free to set between 40 degree – 66-degree Fahrenheit that ensures the perfect serving temperature of your wine collections.

The Best Part

This sturdy model has excellent outside wall which is capable of protecting your vintage collections from UV rays and also support internal temperature circulation.

Also, the front-venting compressor allows you to chose whether it can be placed as a free standing version or built in.

Another amazing feature here would be the reversible door. No matter whether you’d love to open it from right or left.

Also, we liked the most – their shelving pattern. It is wooden  so that it can reduce the vibration and noise.

Closing line: I liked the LED lights most. Adds awesome flavour over your vintage collections.

Things we didn’t like

This is an awesome wine cooler. So far, we did not find any negative issues regarding that… 🙁

Here’s the other four

4. Kalamera 12 inch Wine refrigerator 18 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding

About the Product

✔ Available in both 18 bottles/ 66 bottles quantity

✔ It only requires 12 inches wide space to fit in (18 bottle size represents standard Bordeaux Bottles)

✔ Touch user interface allows you the ease of operation

✔ Double layer tempered glass protects your collection from UV rays

✔ Blocks bad odor

✔ Temperature memory function helps to restore the preset temperature if there is any sudden power shut down

✔ Shelves are removable. Get the ultimate freedom of organizing

Top Tip: Do not remove its legs to avoid any malfunction from draining water or anything else.

5. NewAir AWR-520SB Compact 52 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler

About the Product

✔ Available in sizes, so don’t worry

✔ Awesome interior LED gives extra-ordinary performance

✔ Furthermore, Digital touch user interface allows you the ultimate experience of performance Furthermore,

✔ Double layer tempered glass protects your collection from UV rays

✔ Blocks bad odor and also available for both compressor and thermoelectric cooling

✔ Temperature memory function is also available, which helps to restore the preset temperature if there is any sudden power shut down

✔ Shelves are fully adjustable. Get the terminal freedom of arranging

Top Tip: Read our latest wine serving tips and do not blame your cooler.

6. Kalamera 15 inch Wine Cooler 30 Bottle Built-in or Freestanding

About the Product

✔ Suitable for 30 standards Bordeaux bottle (750 ml)

✔ It accommodates anywhere so that you can use as a stand-alone cooler or under the counter

✔ Tempered double layer tinted glass protects the vintage babies from direct sunlight or UV ray

✔ Automatic temperature memory function ensures the temperature restoring facility as per our our wine cooler buying model

✔ Blocks bad odor

✔ Versatile touch functionality adds value to the end consumer

✔ Security lock protects wine container from unwanted enemy

✔ Reversible door allows you freedom of opening

Top Tip: Before installation, allow your wine cooler to remain standing for at least 24 hours

7. EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler – Stainless Steel/Black

About the Product

✔ Great design, seems like 100% stainless steel with proper sturdiness

✔ Even cooling feature allows the coolness everywhere inside

✔ Use as a freestanding version or under the counter, no problem at all

✔ Also, available in dual zone

✔ Tinted UV protected glass is there, so that the wine bottle will nit become oxidized.

✔ Digital temperature control and temperature memory function adds extra value

✔ You can also keep it in garage, our independent research did not find any evidence of such dramatic issue

✔ Even if the drawers are pretty close, but the cooler worth the money gonna spend

Top Tip: Never keep it in direct sunlight, heat often make wine faulty

Special Thanks to Dr. Vinny for delivering some important information, Vinepair for the amazing source of knowledge and last but not the least my favorite online crowds.

Built in Wine Refrigerator & Cooler has become an enormous query due to several burning factors we often forget before making the buying decision.

So, what is a Built-in Wine Refrigerator?

A built-in wine chiller is not the typical free standing one which also fits under the counter or in the middle of shelves.

Usually, there are so many available sizes but, you need to decide which one to buy before designing your kitchen or bar cabinet.

If you need to have a tailored version, it would cost you higher.

Consider followings before buying a built-in wine chiller

Storage Capacity

Storage is one of the key drivers that reflects the price. In the market, built-in coolers vary from 200+ bottle capacity to the smallest number of 25.

So, this is the widespread phenomena – decide your approximated capacity.

Don’t forget tthe o see cooling system

As discussed earlier, there are two types of cooling system.

  • Thermoelectric cooling and,
  • Compressor cooling.

The Thermoelectric version makes comparably lower noise & vibration than that of compressor-based cooling.

There are some notable advantages & disadvantages to knowing Our previous article clearly presents all of the issues regarding that.


There are so many awesome products available in the market from any of the two cooling mechanisms.

Keep reading 😊

Do you need the variety of temperature?

In the country where you belong, there will be two types of person. Some will just drink and some other might show interest in collecting some good Red & White wines.

In case of collecting both Red & Whites, you are going to need two separate temperature unit. Otherwise, the expensive collections will just be wasted. Read this out for more.

Built in Wine Refrigerator

“Any wine cooler with two separate compartment and separate temperature controlling facility is called as Dual Zone coolers”

Usually, the dual zone coolers are bit expensive.

So, assess your requirement first, then go for it. Or if you are a regular like mine, you can stick onto the single zone wine chillers. They are also great!

The world has changed!

“Triple & Quadruple Zones are also available in the market that offers multiple diversity of cooling compartment & separate temperature.”

Those are also very expensive compared to the existing ones.

What else you need to consider before buying a built-in wine refrigerator?

I would like to draw your attention to something else but, important.

You have to know first which wine coolers can be used as under counter chillers.

The fact is – air circulation & heat.

The under counter & built-in version coolers has air circulation facility from the front, whereas the free-standing ones get heated from each side of body – that requires free space around.

These are the best built-in wine refrigerator in our opinion

In this section, we present the best built-in wine chillers. Please note that all of the products has passed our review criteria set by a team of experienced professional. Here’s the list of the 7 best:

  1. Edgestar 166 bottles built-in single zone wine cooler
  2. Edgestar 36 bottles 24 inches built-in wine cooler (dual zone with French door)
  3. Kalamera 24 inches dual zone wine chiller suitable for 46 bottles
  4. Koldfront 30 bottles single zone built in wine fridge
  5. Phiestina 29 bottles built-in wine cooler
  6. Nutrichef 18 bottles thermoelectric  built in refrigerator
  7. Whynter 33 bottles dual zone built-in chiller

Follow the list below one by one.

#1. Edgestar 166 Bottle 24 inch built-in Single Zone Wine fridge

A highly-sophisticated design has helped the product to achieve an extra edge over the competition. It’s a single zone cooler with digital temperate control.

Tinted glass door helps Ultra Violate far away from the bottles.

Most importantly, this particular model also fits as a free-standing cooler or as a built-in wine cellar.

This large capacity supports 24 inches of width that can display and store up to 166 bottles

Built in Wine Refrigerator


You can choose the temperature at fixed level or you can select the temperature range at your convenience.

Shelf Bottle Arrangement

The optimum shelf bottle arrangement helps to achieve the maximum advantage over available space.

Built in Wine RefrigeratorReversible Door

You can either use the door from left to right or right to left. Its 100% reversible for your advantage.

Learn How to enable the door reversible

#2. Edgestar 36 Bottle 24 inch built in Dual Zone French Door Wine Cooler

It’s another awesome under counter wine refrigerator by Edgestar. This model also can be used as a free-standing cooler or as a built-in cooler due to the innovative mechanism.

The elegant design comes up with dual zone cooling temperature that allows you to store different wines at different customized temperatures.

Built in Wine Refrigerator

Digital Temperature control helps to get an extra advantage that further adds an extra bit of STURDINESS with elegant cool blue LED lights.

There are only two colors Black & Silver.

Temperature ranges from 40 to 65 degree Fahrenheit for both zone.

You would also love to find the door lock at each door.

The Bottom Line

French door with 36 bottles’ matching shelve pattern long with stunning LED has taken the cooler at different peak. The powerful circulation fans ensure even cooling where every portion of the bottle get cool air.

No one starts collecting wines from his first day. If any day you would love to do that job – its dual zone cooling facility will ensure different temperature for White & Red Wines.

Digital temperature control ensures zero deviation of wine taste. We strongly recommend the product. You can also check some other similar products made by the same manufacturer

#3. Kalamera 24 inch Wine refrigerator 46 Bottle Dual Zone


Both stainless steel & black shape comes up with elegant sturdy appearance backed by the manufacturer’s long standing reputation.

Automated temperature & its memory function automatically restores the temperature in case of switch off or power shut down – This helps protecting both Red & White versions that requires different temperatures.

The ultimate capacity is 46 bottle – just absolute for the mid-range counter, kitchen, home bar or any place you wish to.

The Best Part

It produces a very low range of vibration & noise. The wooden shelves are just elegantly awesome.

Things to Know

Even though it is highly advised that the cooler must have been placed just away from direct sunlight but, the cooler has triple layered glass protection to combat against UV rays. So don’t worry if sunlight comes in.

Special thanks to Edgestar & Kalamera for making some cool wine cellers.

#4. Koldfront 30 Bottle single zone built in wine chiller

You can save as much as 30 standard 750 ml bottles within this undercounter wine chiller, that will be great for large or tiny collections which need more room for storage and chilling. Even the black-trimmed double-paned glass door with black ventilation grate enables one to continue to keep this unit just as an integrated or freestanding cooler, and also will allow you to view your set through the glass and never being forced to open the doorway and let out each the chilly atmosphere. Contributing to the elegant expression of your wine ice box, the cable shelves provide this cooler the right style for any setting: your kitchen, a living area, your wine cellar, and your office.

This builtin cooler supplies a temperature range between 40 – 65 degrees F, that will be ideal for keeping both white and red wines. Infection is readily controlled using electronic controls and tracked through an electronic digital display, and also the blue LED lighting delivers an opinion of one’s perfumes without spoiling them from light vulnerability. This premium integrated wine refrigerator includes six (6) pre-assembled shelves, for example, five (5) shelves carrying as much as five bottles per in a “reversed noodle” style plus something jar at the top shelf beside the controller board. Even the slim 1-5″ diameter of this more relaxed fits perfectly in little Under-counter Locations. It’s ideal for substituting a room previously filled with a garbage compactor.

Fan-forced front venting lets flush cupboard setup to get under counter wine storage or freestanding program. Soft touch digital controls permit simple temperature adjustment and observation through an electronic screen. Slide-out cable shelves Give refined wine storage and accessibility to bottles while the LED interior light showcases highlights and wine tags

#5. Phiestina built in wine Cooler Reviews

Phiestina could be the standard wine cooler that looks fantastic is user-friendly, and also certainly will work for a long time in the future.

phiestina-wine-coolerYou get state-of-the-art within this unit together with the workmanship and top stuff. PREMIUM stainless all through such as the metal doorway, frame, handle and stands. That will not rust or rust and is simple to clean.
Phiestina wine coolers accommodate with Stainless Steel is your norm for recorders utilized in hotels, wine bars, along with pubs. Smooth sliding slides out that you meet bottles, then slip to place for storage. Electronic temperature control enables you to maintain your wine and other beverages just the ideal temp. Have a peek at the photos to view that our super push-button temperature controller with the readout.


Editor’s Reviews on Phiestina Dual zone wine cooler refrigerator

Phiestina dual zone wine cooler is just perfect. I have this particular freestanding.

Before plugging in as indicated, it did sit for over 2-4 hours. It chilled to temperature. Fine, it is much quieter than that I had been willing to anticipate and will not run all of the opportunity to keep up the temperature. Stainless steel, Heavy. Communication by the company if we had a small delivery snafu. Of terrific and responsive assistance to ensure the fulfillness.

Phiestina realizes that transportability and being smaller go inseparably for everyone. That is the reason the Phiestina wine cooler accompanies 5 removable racks. Toward the finish of the inward divider, there are two plugs on each side, that keep the rack from moving and the jugs from tumbling down.

Inside the cooler the plate have been formed in such an the approach to energize greatest capacity for least space. Top them off with your most loved wines and discover your true serenity.

It can hold up to 29 jugs of wine. Extraordinary for champagne, shimmering water, red, rose and white wine, soft drinks, cola, lemonade, juice, reviving beverages, mixed drinks and numerous different refreshments.

Being tall, smooth and perfect the Phiestina wine refrigerator will supplement any edge of your home. It very well may be utilized for individual and expert use also.

The treated steel entryway outline and straightforward glass could take into account any sort of home and kitchen embellishment. Regardless of whether your house is vintage, nation, boho, ratty chic, retro, present day or moderate this wine cooler pack will possess all the necessary qualities.

This phiestina wine cooler handles are non slip and ergonomically intended to guarantee a comfortable grasp each time you open the entryway.

#6. Nutrichef 18 Bottle thermoelectric wine fridge

This superior wine cooling system unit is endorsed by a regular warranty of absolute satisfaction. In this way, you may be confident the prized wine collection will stay protected and safe for a long time in the future. Built with a higher precision ThermoElectric heating technology, flexible temperature controller, incorporated LED lights and built-in flow fan and venting grill, and this electric cooler can be a must-have for some severe wine enthusiast or aspiring sommelier.

Using a slick look with a tasteful, reinforced glass doorway with air tight varnish, this particular electric wine fridge provides an unparalleled style to your family space, office or house kitchen. With a power of 18 bottles and also a freestanding layout, this icebox cabinet is excellent for wear on the ground, dining table or underneath the countertops.

As a result of its efficient, touchscreen controller, you do not need to start out the doorway to modify the preferences on your wine cellar. Twist the LED lights off or on and then fix the temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit selectable) at a natural touch of a button, without even letting all of that chilled atmosphere out.
Built with a sophisticated cooling system that could help keep your beverages at the ideal temperature without even making a noise, this particular wine chiller is fantastic for use in your home or the workplace. The machine also includes sleek, silky chrome wine racks along with distinctive positioning for status bottles.

#7. Whynter 33 Bottle dual zone built in under cabinet wine fridge

The top allure of this chiller comes with a distinctive stainless trimmed doorway and a thick stainless steel L-bar handle. Those above removable stainless wood stands at the machine enable optimum storage capacity.

The Whynter built-in counter wine refrigerator provides premium quality and advanced design well suited for the wine collecting needs. Whether to the enthusiast or even the connoisseur, the wine ice box offers inexpensive yet innovative wine storage functionality. The highly efficient compressor cooling system provides maximum temperatures for crimson, white, and sparkling wines.

Powerful compressor cooling.Powerful fan-circulated compressor cooling ensures accurate temperatures distribution.Soft white LED Interior Light.Stainless steel tempered glass doorway has glossy black cabinet.Luxurious stainless L-bar handle.Tempered double-pane gray-smoked glass to increased UV protection.Capacity: 3 3 conventional 750ml wine bottles.Seven removable horizontal slides outside stainless steel-trimmed timber shelves.

So far these are the best built in wine chillers in our list. If you are searching for some low budget chilling solution – just have a look on our latest assessment on single bottle wine chillers.

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