5 Best Dual Zone Wine Cooler

✤ Check whether the cooler has an automatic memory for temperature restoration in case of any accidental power shut.

✤ Check the cooling system whether it is thermoelectric or compressor-based cooling.

✤ Whether the dual zone cooler is an architecturally built-in pattern or the free-standing pattern. There are some models which can work as both. For more info – check this article.

✤ Check the warranty provision.

✤ Do not forget to check maximum bottle capacity.

✤ Check average customers’ feedback.

Check average lead time.

✤ Manufacturer’s experience also worked as a good indicator of product quality.

✤ Wooden selves with smart shelving pattern helps keeping the bottles efficiently.

Review of the Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers

AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler

The cooler comes up with several technological smartness that wiped out generic orthodox obstacles we faced so far.

Electronic touchpad with awesome cool LED lights has brought the chiller in a different level along with its sturdy appearance.

Adjustable temperature control allows catching the environment’s temperature change.

It’s a thermoelectric cooler that means –

✔ Memory consumptions will be lower

✔ Low vibration

✔ Low noise

✔ Better compatibility

✔ Better adjustability with outside environment

✔ No risk of over cold

✔ No chance of future gas charge

✔ Wooden shelve offers extra bit of awesome appearance.

It has air circulation facility from the front, that means – You can either keep it as free standing version, or you can use it under the counter as a built-in pattern.

Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

It’s also a thermoelectric cooler so the above-mentioned points stay alive for that as well.

The dual zone facility here allows differentiated temperatures for different wine choices.

Top zone temperature ranges between 54 degree to 66 degrees Fahrenheit and the lower zone stays at 44 degree to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Digital temperature control helps to determine the ranges easily.

The Best Part

The door moves 180 degrees around that helps to arrange the shelves so easily. The cooler also has a safety lock to ensure the maximum protection of your collections.

Ivation 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Red & White Wine Cooler

It’s an 18-bottle wine chiller that uses thermoelectric cooling technology to collect wines at different temperatures.

Ivation dual zone cooler has strong customers’ feedback that helps to preserve the process of wine aging at a very constant manner. Internet research shows that – nobody even complained about its temperature control. In this regard, the scored very well.

The door is purely tempered and smoked free that ensures the internal environment is purely odor free and keeps the objects from harmful UV rays., Still it is suggested to keep the cellar free from direct sunlight.

It has also earned a good score on the ground of VIBRATION & zero NOISE just because it has used the thermoelectric technology so far.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an awesome dual zone thermoelectric wine chiller at a very competitive price – This could be your best knock.

Firebird 21 Bottles Dual Zone Electric Wine Cooler

Value Descriptions:

✔ Awesome appearance

✔ Dual zone cooling facility

✔ Thermoelectric cooling mechanism

✔ Low noise

✔ Low vibration

✔ Can support upto 21 bottles

✔ Standard warranty provision

✔ Electric touch pad for temperature control

✔ Great feedbacks

✔ Very competitive price

What we couldn’t like

The cooler does not have wooden shelves that add extra flavor to the existing appearance. Apart from that everything looks great…

Haier – 18-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar

It’s another addition from the established appliance manufacturer – Haier. The cooler offers excellent service that supports maximum 16 bottles. You can go for larger capacity from the shop.

Let’s See what exceptionalism they have got for us.

✔ Soft interior LED lights to add an extra bit of flavor with the served glass of red.

✔ Dual zone temperature facility allows collecting both white & red wines at a different temperature.

✔ The thermoelectric cooling system can adjust the temperature with outside environment.

✔ Very low noise & vibration

✔ Its energy efficient. One of your audience from social media suggested that it cost more than $2 per month.

What we couldn’t like

✘ The device cannot be used as a built-in version / under the counter as it does not have air circulation facility from the front.

✘ You cannot shut the door with an unfinished bottle that contains unremoved pic or cap. this wine cooler does not have such issues at all.

Avalon Bay AB-WINE21DS 21 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The version is available from 12 bottles to 27 bottles at the online store.

It’s a thermoelectric cooler that means –

✔ Memory consumptions will be lower

✔ Low vibration

✔ Low noise

✔ Better compatibility

✔ Better adjustability with outside environment

✔ No risk of over cold

✔ No chance of future gas charge

Wooden shelve offer extra bit of awesome appearance.

Our above rankings and review are purely based on the available resources and our professional judgment which are subject to change. We convey great thanks to AKDY, Koldfront, Ivation, Firebird and Haier.

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