How to deal with Workplace Injuries | How to avoid it completely!

Injuries that occur at work or that are work related are common in the workplace. Some professions such as construction, factories, or sports, for example, are more susceptible to staff members incurring an injury. Some injuries can also occur outside of the workplace but are still work-related injuries. There are some injuries that occur more often than others. It is important to create a safe working environment to avoid serious injury or even death. Here are some common workplace injuries and how you can avoid them.

One of the most common injuries that happen at work is falling.

Falls can occur on same level surfaces or fall to a lower level of the workplace. People can fall because they slip or trip as well. A lot of construction site injuries occur because a roofer may fall or someone can fall off a ladder. Other examples of falls are people slipping on pavements, falling down stairs, or slipping on a wet bathroom or kitchen floor. If an area is wet or slippery there should be signs to point out hazardous areas. Construction sites can prevent falls by using safety measures such as having a roofer secured by ropes and harnesses.

Another common injury that is similar to a fall is how your body reacts to slipping or tripping without falling. The reaction to preventing the fall can be just as harmful as falling sometimes. You can stub your toe, roll your ankle, or hurt your back while preventing a fall. Again, this can be avoided by properly indicating areas that are wet or slippery. Some falls and trips are unavoidable, but there should be first aid available at every workplace.

Another very common injury is overexertion.

This is most common for jobs that require heavy lifting, moving, stacking/organizing, throwing, and other types of physical exertion. In 2008 this was reported as the most common type of workplace injury. Proper training for employees whose job requires a lot of activity can help to avoid overexertion. You can also avoid straining your back by wearing back support if you are doing some sort of heavy lifting.

A more serious injury that is common on constructions sites is being hit by a falling object or incurring an injury against an object. For example, tools or materials can fall from roofs or high levels on a building site. People can be struck by the falling objects and serious injuries can occur. Running into a door, wall, or another object can also cause injuries. Injuries that happen against an object can happen at any workplace, not just a construction site. To avoid these injuries, one should pay attention to their workspace, especially if they work at a warehouse or construction site.

If you are injured from a work-related duty, you may be eligible for worker’s compensation. Some injuries may require time off of work or going to a hospital or doctor which can become expensive. If you think you are eligible for a worker’s compensation claim, you can hire an attorney specialized in these type of cases to help you file your claim. Remember to be safe while at work and report all injuries.

How to Deal with a Workplace Injury

The law provides individuals who suffer injuries due to no fault of their own, the provision to seek and receive compensation through the machinery of the law. Such injuries suffered by an individual are called personal injuries. In legal terms, personal injuries can be of different types depending on the circumstances in which they occur and who or what was responsible for it. One such type is workplace injuries.

A workplace injury is one that occurs within the premises of the workplace and is caused by factors that are directly or indirectly related to the workplace. The workplace could be an office building, a factory or a warehouse, a house or a garage. Essentially it is the place where you are employed and carry out your duties. By law, your employers are bound to provide you with adequate information and resources (protective gear) to help you ensure your own safety. When they don’t do this, and in the process, you are injured, the employers are liable to pay you monetary compensation.

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Workplace injuries could be any of the following:

Personal injuries caused due to faulty equipment Personal injuries caused due to negligent safety standards Personal injuries caused due to occupational diseases Personal injuries caused due to lack of hygiene in the workplace Personal injuries caused due to lack of cleanliness or orderliness Personal injuries caused due to lack of information and training

If you’ve suffered injuries at the workplace, the first thing to do (apart from getting yourself treatment) is to bring it to the notice of the health and safety department of the organization. Each organization will have such a department that reports accidents and provides employees with proper care and compensation. Filing a report and also, obtaining confirmation is vital. This department will also guide you through the process of obtaining compensation from the organization. This process will require medical reports certified by a doctor that provide details of the injury. Usually, companies insist that their own doctor is used, so verify this before you begin. Preserve all medical reports and documents including bills.

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