How to make a 3d printed wine glass Holder

This article aims to illustrate the process of how can you make your own 3d printed wine glass holder. This is true that the wine glass has always been in a traditional form in terms of its appearance. People nowadays are working on how to make some changes that bring an extra bit of elegance to its appearance.

Where can you print it?

You have two options to print a wine glass holder.

You can either outsource the 3d print job from any online portal or print it on your own. However, you can also outsource the design work from the online marketplace if you do not know enough about designing 3d models in CAD software. There are websites like printables, where you can find some good 3d designs of the wine glass holders.

If you have your designs ready, it’s time to print the 3d design wither from your own 3d printer or you can use any of your friend’s 3d printers.

What types of 3d printers does such design?

If you choose to own a 3d printer, this 3d printing guide will surely help a lot!

These are the main points you need to consider while choosing the right 3d printer for making wine glass holders.

If you are looking for manufacturing regularly, then try to spend a little bit on the 3d printing device. Because the low-budget devices require heavy maintenance costs each month.

Moreover, if this is your passion, then there are some mid-range printers, which may give you better glass holders or similar designs but you cannot make versatile or larger works in the future.

Usually, The FDM type printers use a plastic filament to produce the 3d print but with lacks accuracy in finishing. If you care a lot about finishing and accuracy, we should recommend some good resin printers that come under USD 500.

3d printed wine glass holder

Stay focused on these while designing

Designing a 3d printed wine bottle/glass holder might be easy for the CAD experts but, there is something that you need to keep under consideration while making it.

Appearance should not destroy the basic functionality. A wine glass is not for just drinking the wine. The design or shape of a wine glass ensures a better pouring experience & retention of the wine tears.

If the perfect temperature is not kept, the taste of wine may get worst and you will be wasting your money.

Try to make the 3d printed wine glass holder durable

3d printing wine glass holder takes a lot of technical effort. Several things you need to consider to make it durable.

First of all, give a better infill. Infill density is the amount of solidness inside the 3d printed object. For instance, a 50% infill density represents that there is 50% empty space inside the 3d printed glass holder.

Since, the product will be designed to hold a lot of glasses, make sure to give it a better infill density.

Use Epoxy during post-processing. Epoxy makes any product shines better and makes it waterproof. It will make the wine glass holders’ life lengthier.

Electroplating 3d prints are also another great idea to enhance life. This is done by professionals so you may need help from them if needed.

Set the appropriate temperature to avoid warping.

Warping is a condition when some parts of any 3d print cool unevenly and destroys their inner strength.

You can easily avoid warping by setting the perfect heating and cooling temperature of your 3d printer.


Designing a wine glass holder in 3d print is not so difficult. The main part is to make a good design that you can get from professionals. Printing depends on the quality of the 3d printer so that is not up to you.

All you need to remember is that technical terms such as warping and post-processing with epoxy can offer you an excellent 3d printed wine glass holder.

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