How to Take Care of Your Car in the Winter

How do you ensure that your car is in the right condition during winter? The severe weather conditions during winter can impact negatively on your vehicle. If you do not want to experience a dead battery or get involved in an accident because of poor vision, you need to take care of your car.

Care care tips for winter

In this article, I will discuss some important car care tips for winter. Implementing these tips will ensure that you enjoy a comfortable ride even when it is very cold.

  • Check the condition of the battery

Many batteries fail to operate during extreme cold seasons. During winter, the battery requires more current as compared to other seasons. Ensure that you check the condition of your battery and if you need to replace it, so that you can enjoy driving during winter.

Check the battery and ensure it is well filled with distilled water as required. Additionally, you should have some jumper cables in your car to help you start the car in case the battery goes down unexpectedly.

  • Lighting

When there is fog and snow, the visibility decreases. This means that if you are driving in the afternoon or evening, you might not get the best illumination and this can lead to accidents. It is important to check the headlights and ensure they are working well. If you find any faulty bulbs, replace the bulb especially if the illumination provided is yellowish or foggy.

  • Wiper blades

During winter, the wiper blades wear and tear fast because of the frequent use. For the best performance, experts recommend replacing the wiper blades after every six months to prevent issues like squeaking, smear residue, reduced visibility and chattering among others.

When you are parking your car during cold seasons, ensure that you leave the wiper blades raised so that they don’t freeze on the windscreen. Additionally, you should not use the wiper blades to get rid of ice on your windscreen because they are not designed for that purpose. Instead, you can use an ice scraper.

  • Oil change

It is important to change the oil frequently during winter. The cold weather affects the transmission of oil and other fluids because it thickens their viscosity. This makes oil to thicken and become harder. This means that it will be difficult to circulate well or lubricate the engine. Find out the type of oil ideal for your car and change it frequently for a good engine performance in cold climate.

  • Check the engine oil and winter

Before the winter season, check out the engine oil and find out if you need to change the oil soon. You should also find out if you need to fill up the radiator coolant as needed. The coolant not only cools the engine but also prevents the water in the radiator from freezing when the temperature drops to 0 degrees.

  • Check the tires

The tires are the most parts of the car. It is important to check the tread depth and if the tires are worn out, replace them. You should also check the tire pressure frequently to prevent experiencing a flat tire. Remember, tire pressure can go down as a result of the outside temperature and this can lead to problems if you do not notice earlier.

  • Lubricate the doors

When the weather is too cold or you live in a hilly area, there are high chances of experiencing snowfall. This can make the car doors to jam because of the presence of ice between the door and the rubber seal. To prevent this, ensure that you keep it lubricated to prevent ice from building up.

  • Defroster and climate control

These are two important things you should check during winter. The climate control system helps in keeping the inside warm when the outdoor temperature is cold. On the other hand, the defroster prevents ice from forming on the windows.

  • Check the brakes

Brakes are important when it comes to safe driving. If the brakes are unreliable, then you might experience problems or accident when driving. The wet and slippery roads during cold weather can affect the braking of your car. This is why it is important to check the brakes and make sure they are working well for safe driving.

  • Check out for cracks

Ensure that there are no small cracks in the windows. Even if they might seem to be small, cracks freeze and the water also freezes in them and this can end up making the cracks bigger or getting into the lights.

  • Covering your car

At times, you might not be using your car during winter. How do you ensure that your car stays in the right condition during winter? It is important to invest in a quality car cover to protect your vehicle from the outdoor weather. There are so many affordable car cover for winter use that you can buy depending on the make and model of your car. Having a car cover will protect your vehicle from many things keeping it in the best condition ever.

  • Foil windscreen cover

Having a foil windscreen cover can prevent the screen from freezing in the morning. These covers are available at affordable prices and they work well in protecting the screen during winter.

  • Overall servicing

Even after checking the most important parts of your car, it is equally important to have a thorough car checkup before winter. Get a full car servicing and you can be sure of a safe and comfortable driving during winter.

Final words

The severe cold temperatures can cause disaster in your car during winter. You do not want to end up stranded on the road because your battery dies or have a flat tire. If you check your car well prior to the winter season, then it will be easy to note the things that you need to replace for optimal car performance.

The above are important ways on how you can take care of your car during winter. Have these tips in mind and you will be well prepared for the winter season.


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