Review of Magic Chef Wine Cooler | 9 Mind Blowing FACTS

Magic chef wine cooler have become a hot favorite choice. After receiving enormous requests, we have decided to review the product at your convenience.

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In this article, you will find:

✔ Common queries about wine coolers

✔ Basic points you should look at before buying a refrigerator for wine

✔ About Magic chef

✔ And the detailed review of specific products

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What Points you should look before buying Magic Chef Wine Cooler

Magic Chef Wine Cooler

✤ Consider where to keep it. The price might vary depending on your preferred location. If you need a free-standing version, that would cost less than the built-in coolers.

✤ Think twice whether you need a single zone wine cooler or a dual zone refrigerator. Dual-zone versions have differentiated temperature controlling method that works when you want to preserve both Red & White wines at different temperature level.

✤ Do not forget to find the Bottle shelving system. All coolers do not have innovative shelving process that allows 360-degree cooling.

✤ Focus on the different cooling system. Thermoelectric cooling functions create comparably less vibration & noise whereas the compressor based cooling system offers concrete cooling so far.

✤ Finally, look at bottle quantity – that drives the price very strongly. If you don’t need to keep 20 bottles, you should buy a free-standing cooler that cools 16 bottles very comfortably.

Product Review | Magic Chef MCWC28B 28-Bottle Wine Cooler

Magic Chef Wine CoolerWe have picked product above for detailed review.

At the end of this article, we would also recommend you some other products that may serve your intended purpose.

The Summary

Probably this is the best choice at mid-budget. The chiller can store 28 bottles at sound temperature range.

The cooling system is thermoelectric which is very professional for low vibration & noise compared to the compressor based cooling system. The black door & cabinet adds an extra bit of sturdy appearance.

Product Information (As per seller)

Product Dimensions22.4 x 20.1 x 30.7 inches
Item Weight46.7 pounds
Shipping Weight51.3 pounds

The Best Part

✔ Very Competitive Price

✔ Warranty Provision

✔ Dual Zonecoolingfacility

✔ Sturdy Look

✔ Long Standing reputation of the company

✔ Customers’ good experience

What We didn’t like

The wine chiller does not have wooden shelves that could add awesome appearance. However, everything in this world has some negatives, so do magic chef.

About The company – Magic Chef

Magic Chef Wine CoolerThe main reason behind all dependent people on Magic Chef – is nothing else. It’s company’s above 85 years’ experience over household appliance. Since its journey, the company has been providing kitchen essentials at its best.

Magic Chef is owned by the MCA Corporation that have other concerns that consist renowned name – such as ewave & norpole.

FAQ | Other Things You need to Know

Wine and Beverage Cooler

✤ Noise might become higher depending on its sitting position. Be very careful and check thrice whether the surface is straight & label enough.

✤ You need to leave enough space for this, as the chiller does not have air circulation facility from the front – so it will become heated from all body. If there are very limited free space, you will feel lesser cellar.

✤ The temperature might change depending on outside environment. Its good, if you still want to know the mechanism – read our last article that discussed the issues.

✤ Due to the cost cutting nature, the product is made up of heat-resistant plastic. Please keep it away from direct sunlight otherwise taste of chilled wine might vary.

What is the best wine refrigerator compared to Magic Chef?

Magic chef offers the product at a very competitive price. Due to the business nature, it is very natural that the product will just serve on threshold level.

If you need premium features like other renowned brands – You need to spend a lot of money (Almost three times than this).


Our professional review team has also worked on some of BIG BUDGET PRODUCTS. You can spend a little bit time on that.

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