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We are looking for sponsors

Get your website features on our website and increase your pr through appropriate branding. A well-concentrated branding strategy can give you a better outreach.

become a sponsor

We offer following schemes for branding purpose.

  • Sponsor’s banner in our website widget (Follow the right sidebar. Your ads will be located after the ‘Quick Navigation Panel’.
  • Sponsor’s banner inside the post (Your ads will appear inside a post – just after some paragraphs)
  • Feature sponsor’s product in a separate article that brings tons of traffic each day
  • Sponsors Banner in Homepage

Review Your Products

You can also review your products with us. However, we don’t compromise any of the review quality criteria. As we need to engage the whole team once again for your product review, there must be some cost involvement. Please contact us for more.

Advertisement/Sponsor’s Notice

We do not ACCEPT multiple sponsors for a single POST.

If you want to target a page that already contains sponsor ads, Please be in the loop. We will notify when the existing scheme will expire. Or, if you need something immediate. Please target a post that does not have any sponsor ads.

Advertisement rates

  • $900/month for a widget banner (The ads will appear in all posts on the website)
  • $1200/month for a widget banner (The STICKY Widget ads will appear in all posts on the website)
  • $250/month for a single inside post banner
  • $450/month for (an inside post banner & a single post widget banner)
  • $550/month for (an inside post banner & a single post STICKY widget banner)
  • $1000/month for the features header banner (The banner will appear at the top of a particular page)
  • $2000/month for the homepage sponsor ad banner
  • We also accept sponsored review (cost may not remain same according to product specification / technical complexity, please inbox for the quote).

*** Above rates are subject to change depending on occasions and special festivals. We will place a ‘sponsored ad’ tag above/under the content. The administration holds the legal right to shut down any of the sponsored ads if it hampers any of the quality issues of Nippy Wine. ***

Write for Us / Guest Post

You can also write for us which we call a guest posting policy. For doing so, your article/content shall meet following criteria.

  • Article/content must not be a copied/spined write-ups.
  • The article must be more than 1000 words.
  • The topic needs to align with Nippy Wine‘s regular content.
  • You may also use reference of another website, which needs to be similar to the anchor text and the broader topic of the content.

We also offer plenty of advertising policies in separate schemes. Please contact through the following e-mail.



Thanks in advance

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