what wine goes with chili?

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It’s a common question especially for those who are searching for inventing new wine recipe and loves the amazing wine flavor with his/her special dishes.

In this part – we will discuss the wine and chili facts. But, before we move onto next part – We would love to remind you that

The taste of wine varies depending on the wine cellars you are using.

In our previous case study on wine refrigerator – we have discussed some amazing facts & top tip regarding wine coolers wit various versions such as single zone, dual zone and thermoelectric etc.

what wine goes with chili


The main part – What wine matches with Chili

what wine goes with chiliBut, did you ever wondered why people love using wine with chili!

The answer could be – The carbonated beverage helps to optimize the spaces inside, that means you have more space for chili after you make the sip.  Another thing could be Depending on the heat level of the chili, I find that carbonated beverages intensify and prolong the burning effect of the capsaicin present in the peppers used in chili.

There are so many different options for you.what wine goes with chili

  • If you love the Red wine, go for the medium to full bodied (but not too elegant) pink, white and especially the red wines with variety of fruit flavors can be a great choice indeed.
  • In case of beef chili – brawny flavors that tend to overpower the increased amount of acid, more tannic and subtle wines from Italy & France might work great.
  • However, I prefer to have something like full-bodied reds with ripe with sweet fruit flavor.
  • Do not forget to serve red wine chilled – But be aware for different wine temperature you need to look at.
  • Why don’t’ you try Malbec from Argentina, I just the combination.
  • You can also go for the bottles from Altos Los Hormigas or Mapema.
  • Or you can also try the California Zinfandel from producers like Seghesio Family Vineyards or St. Francis Winery

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