Can Drinking Wine Cause Breast Cancer? 10 Ways for PREVENTION

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Breast CancerCan Drinking Wine Cause Breast Cancer?

Why does wine cause breast cancer?

How to prevent breast cancer-causing from red wine?

How can I live healthy even after drinking regularly?

Those are common questions among the wine lovers. One of our regular audience has asked forward the issue. His Question Was –

“Hi, I own a huge collection of red & white wine. I have bought a wine cooler as per your recommendation. I have also learned the wine TEMPERATURE fact from your buying guide. Just wondering whether bottle from inaccurate temperature can cause breast cancer?”

Our team has carried out a thorough research for identifying the fact. We have brought something significant and exciting for you. We promise that will not be your wastage of time.

Does wine really cause Breast Cancer?

Yes, it does. Drinking alcoholic beverage like wine, beer and liquor can increase the risk of breast cancer. However, if you are not a regular drinker still the chance is likely to remain.

How Wine Cause Breast Cancer?

Drinking alcohol increases increase the level of estrogen and other hormones associated with hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer. Recent Research also suggests that alcoholic beverage DAMAGE DNA in cells and creates the risk. (Source)

RECENT DATA (The Actual Fact)

According to BBC News, Women over 50 with the history of breast cancer in family bear risk. Also, Tall girls whose period starts before the age of 12 even are at risk of such disease. A recent report from Cancer Research UK shows the cause of breast cancer and drinking wine heavily is one of them.

How Breast Cancer in Diagnosed?

Here’s a list of primary symptoms which helps to diagnose the breast cancer. Source:

Lump, hard knot or thinking inside the breast or underarm area.

✤ Swelling, Warmth, Redness or Darkening of the breast.

✤ Change in the size or shape of the breast.

✤ Dimpling or puckering of the skin.

✤ Itchy, Scaly sore or rash on the nipple.

✤ Pulling in of your nipple or other parts of the breast.

✤ Nipple discharge that starts suddenly.

✤ New pain in the spot that does not go away.

8 Ways to Get rid of Breast Cancer-Causing from Drinking Wine

✔ The top listed way to reduce the risk – is to avoid drinking. Here we present the top tips to get rid of such disease-causing from drinking alcohol.

✔ You can also try mocktail (except alcohol) It gives you the social feel and also mitigates the risks. Try some variation in mocktail by adding different

✔ Try freezing your favorite wine in an ice cube. Then drink it after putting into a glass of sparkling water or soda. It works like a psychological remedy.

✔ I have also tried some gravy type grape juice in soda, and it gives a pure wine feeling. However, alcohol will not be of assistance indeed.

✔ Another best way to trigger down and solve the other causes of breast cancer. Research suggests – a woman who does exercise at least 4 hours a week reduces minimum 30% risk of breast cancer. So regular workout is highly recommended.

✔ Reduce the overweight by implementing a balanced diet. It reduces such risks.

✔ Eat peanuts, tomato, carrots; spinach also reduces the risk of breast cancer. Be aware of overeating purine-rich foods it increases the level of uric acid which may cause gouts and psoriasis in future.

✔ The next tip is to check your breast regularly. That’s why OCTOBER month is specially named as breast cancer awareness. Check whether there is anything lump or mess, nipple pain, and other symptoms as per

Here’s what Sarah Dussault tells about Breast Cancer.

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Other Cancer Threats Arising from Drinking Alcohol

If you are drinking alcohol regularly, you should be aware of other risk factors as follows.

✘ Mouth

✘ Throat

✘ Voice Box

✘ Esophagus

✘ Liver

✘ Colon and Rectum

What American Cancer Society Recommend for you?

In reference to the American Cancer Society guideline – It is highly suggested not to take no more than two drinks per day.

Also, if you fall under any of the following groups. You shall never drink.

✤ Teen & child

✤ If you are trying to recover from alcohol

✤ Pregnant women

✤ Regular Driver

✤ Work in machine maintenance

✤ Or, other who is advised by doctors not to drink alcohol.

It’s Time to Worry About Wine Temperature

From our expert researchers, you shall preserve/drink serve wine bottles at the perfect temperature. Here’s a guide to help you quickly.

Do not drink Oxidized Wine

Oxidization happens when oxygen level increases in a bottle or a glass of wine. SWIRLING might help you but, Keeping the container in a professional wine cooler reduces the risk of oxidization.

We found typical refrigerator dries up the cork which allows oxygen to enter quickly. Read our Comparison Guide to know more.

Avoid Wine Faults

Wine becomes faulty when too much oxygen enters in a bottle when direct sunlight falls over the container when the wine is aged for an excessively long time in improper temperature and some other chemical reaction. Read our Latest Article to Know More. Also, read the latest research on wine decanter in order to avoid wine faults.

Buy Wine Cooler Properly

The wine cooler is not something you can just decide and buy. There are almost 101 factors you need to consider before buying a wine cooler. Read our latest buying guide NOW! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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