Wine Chilling Alternatives | {Single Bottle, Wine Bucket, Ice Stick, Sleeve & More}

Why we seek wine chilling alternatives

Well, before writing this article I was wondering whether there are any recognised method for cooling wine in an alternative approach. After doing a thorough research I have noticed that everybody has been talking about the alternative uses of an existing wine chiller but, nobody is writing about the alternative ideas of cooling wine.

wine chilling alternativeAccording to our last research on – Wine temperature, you need to follow standard practices in order to ensure better taste of your favourite wine. Literally, you need a wine fridge for maintaining such standard temperature practice. However, wine refrigerators are not cheap at all. We often need to count at least 500 USD (and even more) for a good Built-in Under counter wine cooler.

So, what happens to whom may not be able to afford that professional refrigerator.

This is true, without a good wine fridge, you cannot store a huge amount of wine collections for a longer time span. But, you can definitely chill a single bottle by plenty of different ways.

Here i will present the alternative options one by one. Let me first discuss – why some people may not have a professional wine cooler as per our benchmark.

Affordability of a professional cooling system

You may have a large variety of wine collections but, your affordability may become limited to some extent that limits buying a giant refrigeration system. If it is the point, Spend a minute on our Best Affordable Wine Chillers of 2018.

Lack of Necessity 

Maybe you do not need it. Or, maybe you do not understand the need for it.


I hope not. Let me clear the thing…

Suppose, you own 10 red wines and 12 white wines. First thing is – you need something like a built-in fridge that can maintain completely two separate temperature for separate compartment. Because, the storing temperature of red and white wine are not the same at all.

Wine chillers and Normal refrigerators are not the same

Almost everybody of us faced the dilemma to somewhat level. Here’s a guide that contains an express elaboration of the difference between a normal refrigerator and wine coolers.

Wine-Cooler-vs-Refrigerator - Copy

Instant Need for refrigerating

I hope you would not carrying a wine fridge to your picnic spot or any outdoor home party. You will definitely be needing something that serves the purpose instantly.

Alternative way of Wine Chilling

Here we will mention some of the finest alternative wine chilling methods other than a wine and beer fridge (suitable for single or fewer quantity).

Single Bottle Wine Chiller

A single bottle wine cooler helps chilling the wine smoothly. This types of cooler are mainly applicable to chill a single wine/champagne bottle.

The cost of such cooler may vary depending on several things. Such as, if you are looking for something that shows temperature then it costs extra. Again, if your thoughts are going up to something that can lock the temperature to some level, it will costs you more.

Best Single Bottle Wine Chillers

Following things you need to look before you purchase a single bottle wine cooler

Size (not all chillers support all available size of wine bottles)

Price (Nothing to say about)

Temperature control panel (helps determining the chilling and serving temperature)

Instant cooling feature (Becomes highly essential when you need to pour an additional round)

Check Electricity (try something that also run without the electricity for outdoor picnic)

Check standby time for chilled wine (Helps to keep the chilling temperature for hours. It also reduce the risk of wine faults)

Spinning Functions (Ensures even cooling when the chiller is placed in outdoor)

With a rechargeable opener (There are some single bottle chillers that also has rechargeable cork opener included)

Get the Final List of the best Single Bottle wine cooler Picked by ‘Nippy Wine’.

In the same article, you will also get to know  a lot on – Single Bottle Wine Chiller Stick.

A brief overview – single bottle wine chiller ice stick with pourer.

Wine pourer with a cold stick can help keep a chilled wine/champagne’s temperatures steady. Additional your wine stick has various other functionality aside from frightening the internal material. Other benefits are the Following.The majority of the chiller rod has aerator towards the surface. It is helping you to aerate the reddish wine precisely. Aeration ensures improved breathing of a red wine which investigates the odor and removes any undesired taste.

If you put wine using a cold pole (usually a chiller stick), it behaves like an outside protector for the oxygen. But the more outside oxygen in your wine jar, more it’s going to reduce its tannin. Aroma and flavor.

Frequently we notice a little or massive leaking on the desk thanks to not with a pourer. Such ice hockey stay together with pourer can help to deal with the issue.Such pourer stick works great using almost any kinds of wine jar. Thus, you don’t have to purchase every different aerator for your usage.

Some of this pourer spout works detached in the attached chiller stick. It is possible to make use of them separately in a different jar if you’d like to discount the warmth fact.Most importantly truth, you can’t cut this – this type of item lets more distance from the dining table.

The essential truth is, you can’t enjoy the whole bottle aggressively or fast. Drinking wine can be a very intense thing which needs the mental connection between emotional atmosphere, swirling, watching and sniffing. Everything demands strong moment. In this aspect, such stick chiller stays to pourer improve the drinking period hence enlarges the lifespan of this jar to a degree.Read more about a wine chiller stick…

Best Wine Chiller Ice Bucket 2018 | The Wine Chilling Alternative

Ice bucket for drinks can also chill your favorite wine/champagne but, if you are searching for ‘wine ice buckets’ following things will help you much.

It is essential to look at different types of ice buckets for party and bar.

Stainless steel wine Bucket
Most of the wine ice buckets we see are made of stainless steel. In fact, wine chilling stick is also made of stainless steel. Steel accommodates chilling temperature for the longer time span.

Technically a stainless steel container cannot preserve temperature unless it is the vacuum. However, a stainless steel bucket cannot keep the wine cold without the help of ice. The material protects the ice from melting down so quickly.

Here we present the best wine bucket and its review. We have considered this best from the point of its material.

Oggi Stainless Steel Ice Bucket with Tongs


Check Price on Amazon

With advanced layouts and contemporary finishes, Oggi’s kitchen along with bath wares are genuine to morrow’s housewares. The double metal ice bucket with tongs of Oggi is not any exclusion. This cooler will maintain your champagne or wine cooler. The bucket has unwanted rings so that it’s easy to maneuver, even if it is full. Double-wall keeps your wine fresh. After cleaning, don’t use abrasives. Handwash. Items aren’t comprised of strainers.

It’ll hold tops, shirts, four standard trays (14 cubes each menu) of ice. It has been used by me and had to reinstall it. My dinner parties are somewhat smaller. The ice-bucket cleans up fine. Finger marks can be a concern, and so I make sure it’s pristine when first created. The tongs are in use although still small. I hang them.

Glass Wine Cooler Bucket

There are also some of the elegant buckets comes from high-quality glass. In some cases, double layer tempered airtight glass are very good in keeping the chillness.

In opposition, most of the drinkers use it just for showcasing. I also think catchy eye glassware may include a pure class in my dining table.

Here’s a good example you can buy-

Mikasa Laura Ice Bucket with Gift Box


Check Price on Amazon

This ice bucket is made of the high quality crystal element. The European style & will amaze you with its sophistication. This bucket also fits deliberately with all kind of utensils. Just everything becomes the perfect match for it. This drinkware has extra level sleek and sturdy appearance to add some definite value to your drinking habit.

Gold Ice Bucket

Gold has always been an elite choice. Surely you can make bucket with gold but, here present our editor’s pick in a titanium color. 


Check Price on Amazon

This is not a gold made. Yet, it has a titanium color coat over stainless steel. Value would be the same as our previous one from Oggi. On top of everything you will feel happy to see the sharp mirror finish.

It’s a single wall bucket with ideal value adding nature. Just go for something with double-wall if you need to make the melting process lanthier.

Wine cooler with ice compartment

I suggest having an isolated ice bucket when you/some other may enjoy beer. Yes, you don’t need an ice cube on your favorite red wine glasses but, think about cocktails and other brewed drinks.

Also, The separate ice compartments chill the drinks on other chambers. This method reduces the melting ratio up to 37% because you are not keeping the ice compartments open.

Wine Chiller Sleeve (Wine Bottle Cooler Wrap)

A wine chiller sleeve is a wrap with inner gel packs that instantly chills a standard wine bottle. Usually you need to keep the rapid ice cooler in a refrigerator in order to keep your wine bottle cool for upto six hours

Notably, such kind of sleeve is only a temporary way of chilling a wine bottle especially when you are on the go.

There’s nothing so serious you need to consider before purchasing.

Just check whether the sleeve has an adjustable collar to ensure the best fit of the wrap. Take a quick research about the ice pack. If there’s no complain. Go for that.

Chilling with Ice Cubes | The Cooling Pearls

Don’t forget, we are talking about the alternative way of chilling wine. Ice cube can be a better choice of cooling. But, we suggest you to ignore this.

Drinking wine is a passionate thing. If you add some water there, tannin become volatile. Tase may vary significantly.

However, There are some fake ice (made of stainless steel) can chill your wine so quickly. Check this out.

The pearls are very easy to use, easy to wash and reusable comfortably.

Free Method

Above things somehow requires money to somewhat level. As we were talking about the alternative methods for chilling wine, why don’t we figure out some of the neatest free means for cooling your wine within a couple of minutes? Here’s how you can do it.

Wet Napkin

Pick a napkin. Rinse it in water. Just use this as a wrap/sleeve for your wine bottle. This idea works when you are on an outing. The science says, even when we blow hot air from our mouth it feels cooler if the hole is smaller.

Naturally, when regular air goes into the fiber, it becomes a cools compression outside of your wine bottle.

Normal Refrigerator

Yes, surely we can chill wine by keeping it in a normal refrigerator. However, a kitchen fridge cannot be a great choice for chilling. Check out our latest research that distinguishes a normal refrigerator and a wine cooler.

Ziplock Method

There is some ziplock sleeve with ice cooling gel inside. The simple technology instantly chills the wine.

However, if you are a wine lover. Always carry a regular ziplock bag.

If someday, you do not want to sip in a warm wine glass apply it cleverly.

Take some water, grass, (if possible) some soil. Mix it up and put the bottle of wine in it. Keep it in a cool, dry place. After an hour enjoys the chillness.

Hope you have enjoyed the write-ups.

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