Best Wine Cooler and Beer Fridge Review | For Kitchen, Garage and Home Bar

Wine and beer fridge is a must-have thing in your kitchen, garage or home bar. It is pretty much available on the market. The price starts from $150 to $2500 or even more.

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What is the best beer and wine fridge to buy!

There are some critical issues you need to consider before buying a kitchen wine and beer refrigerator.Read our detailed wine fridge buying guide before buying your final selection. We have clarified each of the notable section that has the ability to influence your purchasing decision. There, you would be able to see our review process, evaluation criteria, filtering procedure and other qualitative factors.

However, wine & beer chillers or any refrigerated wine cabinet furniture are really tough to categorize. Based on so many issues we have divided them into separate sections. We will present those ones by one after a few lines.

Architecturally there are THREE types of beer and wine refrigerator. Small ones, Freestanding versions and built-in under cabinet fridges or, a counter depth refrigerator. You can pick any of them and bring a new dimension to your wine cooler cabinet furniture.

Over the Counter Kitchen Wine Fridge

This is pretty small and is usually placed in the table, kitchen cabinet or any small places. It also works as a substation if you have another big shelf or a home bar.

A Brief Summary of over the counter chiller

Wine and Beverage Cooler

Fits anywhere (Does not require pre-measurement like as others)

Suitable for small amount of bottles (talking about small quantity and standard Bardoux size)

You can easily hide this (Not applicable to everybody)

Trouble free service (Applicable to our reviewed items only)

Easy to Wash (Usually does not require cleaning, but quite often)

Better mobility (Depends on your decision and suitability)

Even cooling (Small in quantity, so cool air reaches to each corner)

Digital temperature control (Needed when you have several wine versions)

Ultraviolet protection through specially designed glass

Available on compressor cooling (Some people may seek thermoelectric cooling after reading our buying guide)

Low noise and vibration (Applicable to our reviewed products only)

Price flexibility (See our related review)

Energy efficient (We have only taken into consideration chillers what are energy efficient)

Not Appropriate for a large volume of bottles

Can not maintain two separate temperature as there is only a single compartment

Some amazing features such as automatic memory functions may not be available

Open bottle may be difficult to keep

Not appropriate for long-time aging

Faq: Can I put a wine cooler in a cabinet?

You can only keep a Wine fridge in cabinet when it fulfills the criteria. Especially In cabinet wine cooler version ideally suits the purpose. You will notice that there is a window at the lower front part to pass the air. In a compressor cooling technology – continuous air circulation is needed for trouble-free even cooling.

Some small tricks – can help you to use the free-standing chillers as a built-in under cabinet version. You can also use granite on top of your cabinet to bring sturdy appearance.


Built-in Wine Fridge Bar Cabinet (Wine fridge cabinet)

Appears when you go to any bar. It is usually kept under the bar counter or the kitchen cabinets are designed after considering the dimension of built-in wine coolers.

A Brief Summary of built-in bar cabinet

Wine and Beverage CoolerSuitable for large collections (especially when you have both red and white wine)

Adds an extra bit of sturdy appearance through its elegance

Fits within/under the cabinet (Often it requires custom size but, also available in different standard shapes)

Can also usable as a freestanding/stand-alone chiller (if air circulates from the front)

Low vibration and noise (only applicable to our reviewed products)

Available in lock and UV protection

Price is a bit high (Its reasonable for whom actually it is worthy)

You cannot move it to somewhere else (unless the new dimension goes according to the previous one)

Read the Review Top Built-in Fridge.

Refrigerated wine cabinet furniture (Must remember)

The process has become the component of your In cabinet wine cooler . Ensure that your heating system is assembled with the way of a trusted manufacturer, which it’s backed by a firm that values customer care and stands behind its goods. Learn exactly what goes on if the system needs repair. Ask if parts, or parts and labour, are insured under your warranty. Telephone the maker if you will be helped by somebody, and examine, answer inquiries, and provide guidance.

Wine fridge cabinet with forced air cooling approaches are marginally louder than wine closets with cold wall heating systems once the fan while in the cold wall wine closet has been switched away.

Regrettably, you have to conduct the fan in wine closets using cold wall cooling strategies to keep up temperatures in the cabinet. Forced air cooling systems involve minimal maintenance, whereas cold wall heating methods require drip pans which will need to get cleaned and sometimes utilize air filters which have to be replaced. When the ceremony is essential, driven air cooling systems might be separated by the wine cabinet and replaced readily, where as cold wall heating systems have been integrated into to the cabinet and for that reason are complicated and extremely hard to displace and costly to fix.

Free Standing Cooler (The best small wine fridge)

wine fridge that appears to be standing anywhere like a small refrigerator is considered to be the free-standing version. It is suitable for garage, kitchen or any part of your home.

A Brief Summary of free-standing wine cooler

Best Under Counter Wine CoolerFits anywhere (This is the prime characteristics of it)

You can also use this as a built-in refrigerator version only if there is air circulation facility on the lower front part

UV tinted glass available for some versions that protect the bottles from heat damage

Look for a look before buying, it does not cost must

Wooden shelves help to reduce the noise and vibration

Some version of this one also has reversible door facility (allows to reverse door from withering left to right or from the right to left)

Price can be a bit high (True for only some products)

Some version (which has rear air circulation) cannot fit under the counter

Faq: Where to put a free-standing wine cooler

The answer is in the name. It’s free-standing that represents the chiller fits anywhere. But, several things you need to keep in mind. Avoid direct sunlight as the UV rays expose your wine bottles towards damage. Leave enough space on each side as it requires to cool-down after becoming overheat. Do not place the chiller to somewhere with a significant risk of artificial vibration. Too much vibration and mobility disturb wine aging.

Both of the version has some advantages & disadvantages. The detailed guideline will be found here.

According to the cooling zone – There are also some other variations.

✤ Wine coolers with single temperature zone – is called single zone/compartment cooler.

In a single zone fridge, you are limited to keep only one type of bottle. If you need to store red and white wine then you will be needing the second type (multiple zones) for the variation of temperature.

✤ Dual zone coolers also have differentiated cooling facility to preserve the RED and WHITE collections at different temperature level

Even though the multiple zone coolers allow better usability but, this faq checklist will help you in getting a better understanding.

Our top of the Best Wine coolers to buy!

This is so difficult to mention a single wine cooler as the best wine fridge. Here’s the 9 best wine chiller we have reviewed so far.

  1. Edgestar single zone cooler (166 bottles) – Its sturdy, no customer complaints. Check Review
  2. EdgeStar 7 bottle built-in wine chiller – Its perfect for people with narrower collections of wine.
  3. Kalamera 24 inches dual zone wine chiller – It easily fits the cabinet. Also, have two compartments.
  4. Newair built-in dual zone cooler – perfect for 52 bottles. Also supports dual zone.
  5. Kalamera 15 inches wine fridge – especially made for 30 standard wine bottles.
  6. Magic chef chiller – Its cost effective. Almost half of the regular price.
  7. Nutrichef thermoelectric cooler – suitable for 18 bottles. It’s awesome.
  8. Whynter dual zone chiller – dual zone, built-in.
  9. Newair Awr compact cooler – A 52 bottle chiller with good shape. Click here for more.

Best Cost-Effective Beer and Wine Refrigerator

In our previous case study – we have featured ‘Magic Chef Wine Cooler’ which is available at a very competitive price.


Can handle 24 bottles

Thermoelectric cooling – that makes lesser noise & vibration

The company has 85 years of glorious experience

Beer and Wine Cooler based on the cooling system

From the point of their cooling mechanism, the devices go to two groups.

✤ Compressor based cooler and,

✤ Thermoelectric cooling system.

Compressor-Based Cooling

This is the most convenient form of cooling. In all refrigerator, we found the cooling system. Let’s have a look how the system works unless it would be tough to compare the compressor based cooling with thermoelectric wine coolers.

basic components of compressor refrigerator::

Firstly, the compressor which controls the flow of refrigerant

Secondly, the refrigerant (usually called as fluid)

There are two types of coils. One sits outside the fridge (usually called condenser coils) and The, evaporator coils work inside the fridge.

Also, there is something seem like expansion device that helps to cool.

The compressor sends the refrigerator vapor through its pressure and sends it upward through its coil. When the hot gas meets with cooler, air it becomes liquid. The pressure cools down the inside o the refrigerator and finally, it absorbs the heat.

The benefit of Compressor Cooling System

Due to the advantage arising from its inherent mechanism – Compressor cooling system tends to make comparably higher freeze.
Compressor cooling system is more affordable. Operating cost is very low.

If you need to refrigerate beverage such as beer or other malt beverage, compressor cooling refrigerator helps to cool much.

Less expensive.

Capable of cooling in hot temperature.

Thermoelectric Cooling

Before buying the thermoelectric wine chiller – we would love to draw your attention to what thermoelectric cooler is. It’s a mechanism that creates less vibration & noise.

A Thermoelectric Wine Cooler contains a cooling node that further contains ceramic based tile. When the electric current pass through the cooling node, one die of ceramic tile becomes hot and another side becomes cold. Look for the even cooling feature always. It ensures a small fan diversify the cool air everywhere inside.

Thermoelectric cooling is the advanced cooling mechanism – very useful for the wine cooler. This is environment-friendly and obviously, has some good points.

Benefits of thermoelectric cooling

Compared to the compressor cooling, thermoelectric coolers have fewer parts that’s why it produces less vibration and noises.

There is no vapor compression that’s why no environmental footmarks. In one sentence it’s environment-friendly.

Inside cooling temperature depends on outside temperature due to the mechanism. So it is an advantage that your wine will not be over-frozen. However, It also works as a negative side when you are using the machine in a weather where too many deviations happen. It that case, the taste of your vintage collections might vary.

Less expensive to purchase.

Also available in small sizes with dual zone.

Best Thermoelectric wine cooler

While looking for a wine bottle chiller, you’ll discover you’ll find thermoelectric wine chillers and compressor wine coolers. This will frequently lead potential buyers to wonder what’s the gap between thermoelectric and compressor coolers. Some of the most considerable differences are the fact that a thermoelectric will run very lightly plus so they genuinely are efficient.

This makes them perfect for smaller homes at which you can’t set your wine bottle chiller into yet another room. The sole drawback is they require plenty of clearance which might well not be suitable in places where temperatures can be warm. That is only because thermoelectric coolers usually do not make the cold atmosphere, they just eliminate warmth out of their cabinet.

A compressor unit utilizes a refrigerant to maintain wine cool. They work the same way a typical icebox does. They have been more challenging to perform and perhaps not readily transferred from 1 area to another as a result of their weight. The benefit is why these coolers frequently have an extended lifespan and certainly will keep wine in colder temperature. These springs operate best if you reside in a home isolate your wine bottle chiller out of the others of the house.

Here’s the best Thermoelectric wine cooler we’ve got for you

AKDY Thermoelectric free-standing wine chiller

This is a wooden shelf chiller that adds intense flavor to your feeling. Hence, the technology by default option is noise free.

The huge advantage here’s double zone center which usually means that you may preserve your number of choices so different temperature controller.

Seven pull-out wooden shelves allow it to be fashionable and sturdy which additionally ensures simple access. Furthermore, there are flexible legs which let you take care of surface.

Our thorough research also implies that you will find no understanding of humidity and its particular services.Read Full Review

Wine Cooler Cabinet Ideas

It is important to get a clear understanding of how to design your favorite wine fridge bar cabinet. The same things appear different from thousands of angles and perception. A good preparation of paperwork will give you an excellent design that will be another example of an elegance.

Have a look at following examples and then decide which cabinet freezer are you up to.

Wine Cooler Cabinet Ideas

wine cooler cabinet idea

Wine Cooler Cabinet Ideas

Cooler Cabinet with Granite Top

granite gives a sturdy model to your kitchen. Here’s an example of how it looks like after placement.

Wine Cooler Cabinet with granite top

Wine Storage Cabinet Suitable for Garage

Often we ignore garage as a greater place for storing vintage and non-vintage collections. Some of them often prefer to install a beer freezer there. However, storing wine in a garage was once very bad idea because of overheating issue. Now, there are several great thermoelectric products (See below) that do not have any heat issue either.

Wine Cooler Cabinet for garage

Consider these for your best wine fridge for garage


Installing wine storage at your garage is exciting – it involves choosing your timber for those racks, choosing the different wine rack fashions, selecting your doorway or any fancy wine art for your archway or ceiling, or picking the best stuff for the own wine tables and adding chilling wine accessories!

You could already be imagining your garage wine storage with delight, of course, whether or not it includes using metal and glass, we now have some important suggestions for you personally.

Garage wine storage | Important notes to remember

Probably one of the essential problems you could encounter when building your garage wine storage in the basement is going to be insulation and warmth likely. Well here is what: glass isn’t just a fantastic insulator. It’ll have water float onto it under high humidity climates and on occasion despite a very long rain once the rH% increases round your wine room. For that reason, while we love glass at different cases (for instance, glass in retail or commercial wine displays), then we advise that you proceed for traditionally styled walls with insulation and vapor barrier on your garage wine basement.

Additionally, we counsel against using alloy on the doorknob, lock-set, and hinges. Why? You can’t insulate these, and as they’re subjected within the basement into 55 amounts and at a garage in 100 degrees or more, the heat side ultimately ends with water float onto it into wet locations or weeks!

Surely you cannot risk improper basement or controlled storage requirements in your wine room. Put in an easy storm doorway facing the true entrance door into the garage basement to generate another barrier to lessen the condensation. This produces an airlock and forms a powerful seal, so guarding your wine assortment.

How to choose your wine cooler wisely!

How large your quantity is can be determining factor. The variation of your collection will tell you how many compartments you need. It is another indicator for determining the optimum serving temperature for different types of wine.

Look at your average bottle size.  Generally, all types of chiller support standard Bordeaux bottle. Only a few may support the bigger versions. Follow this guide for more.

Check whether you need a reversible door like this. This is better to examine the placement before you make the procurement.

Choosing a wine cabinet for garage becomes tough if you cannot distinguish between compressor cooling and thermoelectrics. Follow this for a better insight.

We will show you the best products based on


Cooling System

Cooling Zone

Architecture and,

Size of the bottles

Single Zone Wine & Beer Chiller | Best glass door beverage chiller for small collection

So, if you do not need different temperature for collecting purpose. There are some of the top listed good products that have single zone temperature.

Here’s the best single zone small wine & beer refrigerator.

Dual Zone Beer & wine cooler | Counter depth refrigerator reviews

It’s a smart idea to go for a dual zone cooler at first because – most of the people start collecting the wines a few years later and they go for another dual zone refrigerator.Wine and Beer Fridge


You need to keep following things in mind.

✤ Do the cooler – cools from 360 degrees (Its essential for collecting purpose)

✤ Do the cooler restores the previously set temperature – when power shuts or the refrigerator shuts anyhow (It’s also essential to ensure that, there are zero temperature deviation)

✤ Is the shelving system designed to keep you away from vibrations? – Because there will be bottles and it’s so painful to hear its vibrations. Also, check whether its a counter depth refrigerator that fits easily within the cabinet!

Best Free Standing Beer and Wine Coolers

Free standing chillers are easy to keep anywhere. Our research suggests – there are so many cost effective awesome products are available.

Important Tip:

Free standing coolers also suits as under counter built-in chillers if –

The cooler has air circulation facility from the front and,

If you leave enough space inside & rear, otherwise it will become overheated & damaged slowly.

Single Bottle Wine Chillers

Often we forget that there are some suitable devices that can chill a single wine bottle within couple of minutes. You can also chill other beverage, water and baby bottles their.

Follow this link immediately. We have a published completely a seperate review aricle exclusively for the single bottle wine chiller/coolers. Some of the selected products can also perform warming. check that content now!

Ice Chest / Outdoor Cooler Box

The most useful ice chest or most patio coolers are coated boxes to maintain the beverages or food cold. Icepacks with gel, dry ice hockey, and ice are all utilised to accomplish the function. The water might be emptied out by way of a pit plugged after the ice melts. The gel within the packs remains colder, and there isn’t any water. Refreeze from the freezer and use. Gel ice-packs are for lacking to take care of water a popular. Also, ice hockey cubes and ice coasters are readily available to help keep the meal cold. Click here to get the full review of the best outdoor patio coolers.

Soft Sided Cooler Bag

Soft-sided coolers are around freedom. Unlike large ice chest, these springs tucked below a chair of their van are intended to be delivered side you personally, whether meaning transported on your arms, or fastened at perhaps the back part of a kayak along with the bow of your vessel.

Maybe not all springs are acceptable for the uses, although coolers are of good use for reasons. Unlike hard sided springs, which are inclined to be only smaller or larger cubes (or rectangular prisms, to be precise), soft springs are somewhat more common than not purpose-built, allowing an individual to decide on the delicate cooler which most fits an individual’s favourite pursuits.

By way of instance, style harnesses backpack. By limiting its size and also offering a tap, a backpack-style cooler is an excellent option for trips that are more extended, ideal for sailors led into the beach, the playground, or even the river bank or to get this walk to a campsite.

Soft springs are intended to reduce the total amount of space. Distance is at an excellent price if you reside in an apartment or a home. Whenever you must rely on every square foot of space, A rigid cooler is from this question. Soft springs collapse allowing one of the versatility of storage distance that is whenever you have to have it without even taking plenty of range up the remainder of the moment. Click here to get the full review.

Alternative ways for chilling wine!

Hence, this pice of content purely focuses on wine coolers but, we like to bring something else into your attention. What if, you do not have any wine chillers for cooling your favourite pice of wine?

We have brought all the natural ideas to chill wine in an alternative way. Hope you will enjoy the write ups.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener (Highly Essential Gear)

When it comes to the matter of a best electric wine opener, I would ask a couter question that – Best upon what point?

Check this articlethe on review of the best wine opener, We have written 4000 words on the same topic. You will find plenty of choices to buy.

Most importantly – we featured a product which is best for arthritis patient.

Also, there are other options. It’s not important to buy an electric wine opener always. But we prefer to have for some selected reason.

Just check that out!

Wine coolers are not used to store wine forever. Considering the ultimate objective and 81 critical facts – our professional team reviewed some of the coolest wine cellar available in the market.

Our Opinion Base for the best wine chiller

Below are the most driving factors behind our published opinion.

US Preference

Before proceeding towards review, we have considered of US citizens’ requirement. We have behavior only those wine coolers which are preferred by 90% of US people. The wine cooler that can store least likely 30 bottles. (data source behavior in the above link)

Not only this, but our pre-review research also includes customers behaviour and other analytics. The big example here is – the review of built-in under counter wine cooler. Thanks to Google trend, it helped us a lot to assess which version of the wine cellar is likely to be preferred by people.

Energy Efficiency

We tried to cover the energy efficiency of available products according to the guideline of US gov. As per development proposal made by (Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Department of Energy.) at April – 2016, wine coolers or any beverage refrigerator which is not the typical refrigerator, requires considering under energy conservation program for consumer products. Let me explain how we discussed the fact while reviewing. The amount of electricity or energy (which is measured in kW) consumed by a wine cooler per year represents whether they are energy efficient or not. Some manufacturers project the estimated power that will be absorbed per year by one cooler. We did our best possible assessment.

Optimal Serving Temperature

Due to the importance, serving temperature and compatibility was the most important factor in the review. All products on our website are capable of meeting the serving temperature threshold. Light dry white wines, rosés, sparkling wines require 40° to 50° F. Full-bodied white wines and light, and fruity reds requires serving temperature of 50° to 60° F  for the aromatic execution w. Full-bodied red wines and Ports also requires 60° to 65° F to make the yellowish or brownish bitter-tasting organically. Read our latest article on Wine serving tips for perfect temperature

Brand Value

A Customer – is not delivered satisfaction, if BRAND is not strong enough

From the rationale part – we have preserved our significant marks on the brand value instead of focusing on the thresholds. Despite considering products values from average brands such as magic chef. We have lifted products from renowned brands such as Eurocave, Edgestar, AKDY, and Haier.

Customers’ Feedback

Our entire research team worked on collecting customer’s’ experience that directly affects the value created by available wine coolers. We have taken into consideration of e-commerce websites, wine cellar blogs & forums, and a thorough social media research. Here we have told what customers want to tell and what meant to say.

Product Quantity

We never stick to one single product that limits our integrity to some extent. We talked about only those wine coolers that meet our evaluation criteria. So, considering the wide ranges of brands, we have also filtered almost 147 products primarily. You will be able to see the best wine cooler based on different criteria such as:

✤ Architectural Variety

✤ Usability

✤ Technical Specification, etc.

How We Conduct Reviews for the wine chillers

Primarily we collect anonymous data that includes wine cellars’ technical specification, user experience, price and some other factors.

After that, Our review committee makes a list of Critical Success Factor (CSF) where one hundred marks distribution focuses a weighted manner.

A separate team then allocate marks that also include practical user experience. We also seek written explanation from the seller if anything seems confusing from the social research.

After carrying a triple layered review process, we publish our final verdict that cites to the best wine cooler.

✔ Our Elimination Process also Removed Anything that – does not have the adjustable shelves.

Why we valued shelve adjustment most!

wine cooler shelve

If there is not any adjustable shelf, then you are limited to fixed width and size of your wine bottle. You may identify the bottle quantity first. But, this is entirely impossible to determine the bottle dimension of your future purchases.

Furthermore, adjustable shelve will allow you to ensure much more flexibility. When it is subject to adjustment & sharing the available space among the existing choices.

✔ We have removed – wine and beer fridge that makes ICE inside

Just before a couple of paragraphs – we have presented optimal serving temperature for your wine.

wine cooler ice

We have also discussed the importance of the wine serving temperature. As you can see the taste of your vintage collections can easily vary due to the volatile temperature. It is also true that your wine cooler (if it makes ice inside) may destroy your vintage collections.

Our review process has eliminated similar products at the initial level and ensured the maximum quality.

✤ What can other factors make your wine cooler worst?

There are some other factors you need to look at before buying your wine and beer refrigerator.

✔ Look for a Lock Before Buying wine chiller

A wine chiller chills your vintage wine collections at a perfect temperature level. But a wine cooler without a lock is not the best. There are some reasons behind looking for a lock.

Firstly you may expect to have some vintage wines which shouldn’t be available for others when you are not at home

Children or persons below preferred age must not be able to get your wine bottles

Furthermore, one lock always ensures that your cellar’s door is closed and the bottles are free from ultraviolet rays.

✔ Are you going to buy a wine cellar for BEER?

If you store beer in a wine cellar, you are not going get the expected stimulation from that chilled beer can. You should always know the BIG differences between a beverage cooler vs refrigerators.

Hope you are wondering why! Read our latest article on Typical Beverage Cooler VS Refrigerator to know more.

Explaining, Most of the beverage cooler is with a temperature of 34-64°F rather a wine cooler cools the wine bottle at 40-64°F. So, buying a wine chiller for beer will not be a great decision from your end.

✔ Ultra-Violet Glass Protection (Essential for glass front beverage cooler)

UV rays are the most classic culprit behind the damaged wine. If your wine cooler has not such UV protection glass in guard, your vintage collections may damage. Naturally, that affects the taste directly.

So, before saving your money ensure you have bought the required things, not just the thresholds.

✔ Air Circulation point (The front ventilated coolers)

Let us remind you again.

If you want to use a freestanding wine cooler as under the counter, you need to ensure whether air circulations are done from the front. If it is done from the rear or any other side, you need to keep enough space there – which works as a significant bottleneck.

You only need to consider this when you are not buying a built-in cooler, but you want to fulfill the purpose of a built-in under counter cooler by a free-standing one.

✔ Automatic temperature Memory Function (The temperature restore)

If you are going to buy a dual zone wine cooler, you need to look first whether there are automatic memory function to control the temperature.

You are going to need this very badly when-

There are variations of Red & White vintage collections, and they require two separate temperature. Automatic memory function help store the previously set temperature back when you are out of your home, and suddenly the electricity is not available.

Read our In-depth Buying Guide for Wine Decanter

Buying a wine decanter is an easy job to do. A week ago, we have published an in-depth research on wine decanter review and buying instructions. Check it out Now!!!

I hope you have enjoyed our write-ups.

If you have any query or suggestion, please do let us know.

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