Best Wine & Beer fridge for garage | Reviews & Comparison 2022

We have spent more than 47 hours reviewing the best beer fridge for garage.

Initially, we selected 68 products. However, we have eliminated 31 garage beer fridges before bringing them to our testing lab.

The reason was that the fridges lacked premium temperature control features.

This article will help you to choose the best wine and beer fridge for the garage at a reasonable price.

Our top three wine and beer fridge suits in the garage and built in cabinet

These are our top three best beer fridge for garage. These coolers are also suitable for wine bottles.

Single zoneDual-zoneSingle zone
Black, GlossySilver, GlossySilver, Matt
For 46 bottlesFor 42 BottlesFor 34 Bottles
French DoorFrench DoorFrench Door
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Comparison of top three beer fridge for garage

Kalamera 40 Bottle Wine Cooler – Beer fridge

In our opinion, Kalamera is the best beer fridge for garage.

Its a dual-zone thermostat refrigerator which means the wine temperature would be at appropriate level in line with the outdoor temperature.

Its upper zone has a temperature range between 40 to 50°F and the lower part consist 50-66°F. On top of that the LED display of this wine refrigerator helps to set temperature manually.

Experts believe that KALAMERA is among the top wine coolers that have modern shelf design, which allows any types of wine bottle to set in.

Kalamera Beer fridge for garage

Another positive side is its memory function. this wine cooler can easily restore the previously set memory if somehow the power connection has been lost.

Also, kalamera beer fridge for garage has a wooden shelf system with side protection. This feature protects the wine bottles from touching one with another. Furthermore, the wooden stopper protects another bottle from falling down when it the shelf is out.

So far that was the functionality of this cooler. Let us discuss about its design.

This wine cooler has scored 90 out of 100 on its design. Its sleek stainless steel white air outlook provides a premium feel that other coolers didn’t have! It also contains a double layer front glass, which is a highly essential prerequisite for keeping the inner bottle from defrosting while the outdoor temperature is severely low.

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Built in cabinet size requirement

This such a wine fridge that can be used either as a freestanding one or under the cabinet. It requires 23.4 x 33 x 22.4 inches inside the cabinet.

Some other positive sides of Kalamera wine fridge

  • Its door is completely reversible. You can either open it from right ot left or from the left to right.
  • Input power is 90W and it requires 110 V/60 Hz, which fairly good.
  • It weighs 104.5 lbs that represents its solid build quality
  • It also contains a safety lock that helps to protect your valuable wine collections from children or anyone unwanted.

Negative issues

  • It’s expensive
  • The manufacturer does not provide an extra labelling screw-in case you have lost the earlier one. It’s also hard to find a spare screw if needed sometimes.
  • Warranty is only one year, but subject change as per the manufacturer.
  • The LED displays show preset temperature but there is no system that shows the actual temperature. However, kalamera guarantees the actual temperature is what you set.

Other Products from Kalamera

TypeWine CoolerWine CoolerBeverage CoolerBeverage Cooler
Width12 inch15 inch15 inch24 inch
Capacity18 Bottle30 Bottle96 Can154 Can
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Kalamera wine and beer fridge comparison

Phiestina wine fridge

So far phiestina has been the best beer fridge of 2020.

We are considering Phiestina as the best built-in under-counter or freestanding beer and wine fridge combo. Here’s why:

Phistina is the most premium wine and beer combo refrigerator. It can hold any drinks at custom temperature mode. I t also has almost every features of Kalamera.

Phiestina wine fridge comes up with 12 removable shelves where you can put up to 33 wine bottles and 100 beverage cans.

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As we have mentioned it has all premium features like Kalamera so the temperature controls as well. You have freedom to set your own temperature and the automatic memory restore function removes the complexity of setting temperature again and again in case of any power shut.

Since Phiestina is a dual zone beer fridge for garage, you can choose left side for keeping wine and the right size for either wine or any other beverages.

The left zone allows you to set a temperature range between 40 to 66 degrees and the the right zone is 38 to 50 degrees.

It also has the french door with double layered glass like Kalamera but, it requires 90 watts instead of 60. It weighs 119.7 lbs and fits anywhere under the cabinet.

The cabinet dimension would need 30.5 x 22.4 x 33.9 inches, but we prefer to leave one or two inches behind for better breathability.

Phiestina is not a thermo-electric version of wine cooler. It has a compressor, which is good and does not make any disturbing noises.

Other important features of phiestina beer fridge

  • Safety door lock
  • Sleek design
  • Suitable for both freestanding and under the cabinet
  • Huge variation of refrigerators (see below)
  • You can also remove some of the shelves to fit the champaign bottles

Negative Sides:

  • It’s not thermoelectric. If you are searching for a thermoelectric wine cooler then Kalamera can be a good choice.
  • Not suitable as covered outdoor patio
  • The plug is three-prong and requires two to three extra inches.
  • There is no rubber gasket to protect the screws in the door

Other products from Phiestina

Version15 inch15 inch24 inch
TemperatureUpper zone: 40-50°F
Lower zone: 50-66°F
Bottle Capacity29 Bottles96 Cans175 Cans
TypeBuilt in Under cabinetBuilt in Under cabinetBuilt in Under cabinet
Suitable forWineBeerBeer
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Whynter – Another best beer fridge for garage

Whynter has passed all of the standers benchmarks to be the bestbeer fridge for garage.

Here’s why!

This is the only freestanding cooler that allows you choose the option to get extra beverage refrigerator section along with.

Whynter is made by solid stainless steel and looks amazing.

It’s wooden shelves are not exactly as good as Kalamera or Phiestina but among the all other competitors the wooden shelves are so good to use.

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More we loved at Whynter beer fridge

Its powerful compressor cooling unit circulate air evenly, which was a serious lack on its competitor brand – NutriChef.

Furthermore, Whynter comes up with two different shelf types. You have the freedom to display wine bottles horizontally or slightly vertically.

Such feature helps to take care of the old bottles that contains sediment.

Negative Issues of Whynter beer fridge

  • It does not have a door lock. No idea why they have missed this feature!
  • Cannot be used as a built-in wine cooler
  • The interior light comes in only one color
  • Since it’s a compressor-based cooler, you need to keep it standing 6-8 hours before you install it. It helps compressor gas to work perfectly.
  • Wooden shelves are partially adjustable but cannot be removed to make space for champaign like Kalamera & Phiestina.

Other similar beer and wine fridge from Whynter

Capacity20 bottles28 bottles124 bottles
Temperature46°F – 65°F54°F – 66°F40°F – 65°F
Dimension15.8″ W x 20.5″D x 22”H18.1″ W x 20.5″D x 29”H23.5″ W x 22.5″D x 55.5”H
Safety LockNot availableNot availableNot available
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price
Comparison of whynter beer and wine fridge versions

Edgestar – Best floor-to-ceiling wine fridge

This is the best floor-to-ceiling wine fridge in our opinion.

Edgestar floor to ceiling 166 bottle built-in wine cooler has good marks due to its brand value. Fewer complaints and other individual criteria pushed the score up. Also, we took into consideration of negative issues that affected the review adversely. The opinion here is purely independent and subjective. The above advice can also deteriorate depending on updated information and customers’ value.

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Best Floor to ceiling wine fridge

Edgestar is one of the two products from a very renowned company ‘Living Direct’ which is an online retail company mainly concentrates on consumer appliance, indoor and outdoor types of furniture etc. Hence, the company and its two brands are very well famous products among the America.

Built in Wine Refrigerator

This floor to ceiling wine fridge is 24 inches wide so, you may keep it in one corner or anywhere it fits. However, this chiller fits as a freestanding version and also as a built-in version. This is a warm recall that only those built-in refrigerators also work as a freestanding version when air circulates from the front. Here we give a big thumbs up for that. Unless you need keep free space on another side.

You do not need to worry about uneven cooling due to the existence of smart technology. Even cooling features ensure the cool air reaches in each corner so that the tannins remains same as previous.

So far, this is a great floor to choice wine fridge comparing with other similar products.

Wine fault often occurs for two reasons. One’s carelessness and the other is chemical reaction during the manufacturing of wine. However, the carelessness includes heat damage. It occurs when the bottles come closer sunlight. Also, in contact with heavy sunlight the cork may come out of the bottle. It happens due to the generation of inner gas. This wine cooler comes with the Tinted UV protected glass within a very reasonable price.

Least likely 1% of the prevailing wine coolers offer such flexibility. You can easily  shift the door direction from right to left or from the left to right. It gives you another ease of access and also fits the cooler anywhere.

However, a Reversible door was not available in Whynter

Even cooling works great if the shelving pattern is flexible. This awesome layout helps to put the maximum number of wine bottles. The estimated quantity of 166 bottles represents the Typical Bordeaux bottle. So, you should never worry about the bottle size.

As per development proposal made by (Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Department of Energy.) at April – 2016, wine coolers or any beverage refrigerator which is not the typical refrigerator, requires considering under energy conservation program for consumer products. This wine chiller from edgestar is very smart in power consumption and has achieved full marks on this criteria.

Over-the-Counter beer Fridge for garage

This is pretty small and is usually placed in the table, kitchen cabinet or any small places. It also works as a substation if you have another big shelf or a home bar.

A Brief Summary of over the counter beer fridge

Wine and Beverage Cooler


Fits anywhere (Does not require pre-measurement like as others)

Suitable for small amount of bottles (talking about small quantity and standard Bardoux size)

You can easily hide this (Not applicable to everybody)

Trouble free service (Applicable to our reviewed items only)

Easy to Wash (Usually does not require cleaning, but quite often)

Better mobility (Depends on your decision and suitability)

Even cooling (Small in quantity, so cool air reaches to each corner)

Digital temperature control (Needed when you have several wine versions)

Ultraviolet protection through specially designed glass

Available on compressor cooling (Some people may seek thermoelectric cooling after reading our buying guide)

Low noise and vibration (Applicable to our reviewed products only)

Price flexibility (See our related review)

Energy efficient (We have only taken into consideration chillers what are energy efficient)

Negative Sides of an over the counter beer fridge:

Not Appropriate for a large volume of bottles

Can not maintain two separate temperatures as there is only a single compartment

Some amazing features such as automatic memory functions may not be available

Open bottle may be difficult to keep

Not appropriate for long-time aging

Faq: Can I put a wine or beer cooler in a cabinet?

You can only keep a Wine fridge in the cabinet when it fulfills the criteria. Especially In cabinet wine cooler version ideally suits the purpose. You will notice that there is a window at the lower front part to pass the air. In a compressor cooling technology – continuous air circulation is needed for trouble-free even cooling.

Some small tricks – can help you to use the free-standing chillers as a built-in under cabinet version. You can also use granite on top of your cabinet to bring a sturdy appearance.

Built-in Wine Fridge Bar Cabinet (Wine fridge cabinet)

Appears when you go to any bar. It is usually kept under the bar counter or the kitchen cabinets are designed after considering the dimension of built-in wine coolers.

A Brief Summary of built-in bar cabinet

Wine and Beverage Cooler

Suitable for large collections (especially when you have both red and white wine)

Adds an extra bit of sturdy appearance through its elegance

Fits within/under the cabinet (Often it requires custom size but, also available in different standard shapes)

Can also usable as a freestanding/stand-alone chiller (if air circulates from the front)

Low vibration and noise (only applicable to our reviewed products)

Available in lock and UV protection

Negative Sides:

Price is a bit high (Its reasonable for whom actually it is worthy)

You cannot move it to somewhere else (unless the new dimension goes according to the previous one)

Read the Review Top Built-in Fridge.

Read before you buy a built in wine cooler

✤ Check whether the cooler has an automatic memory for temperature restoration in case of any accidental power shut.

✤ Check the cooling system whether it is thermoelectric or compressor-based cooling.

✤ Whether the dual zone cooler is an architecturally built-in pattern or the free-standing pattern. There are some models which can work as both. For more info – check this article.

✤ Check the warranty provision.

✤ Do not forget to check maximum bottle capacity.

✤ Check average customers’ feedback.

Check average lead time.

✤ Manufacturer’s experience also worked as a good indicator of product quality.

✤ Wooden selves with smart shelving pattern helps keeping the bottles efficiently.

Refrigerated wine cabinet furniture (Must remember)

The process has become the component of your In cabinet wine cooler . Ensure that your heating system is assembled with the way of a trusted manufacturer, which it’s backed by a firm that values customer care and stands behind its goods. Learn exactly what goes on if the system needs repair. Ask if parts, or parts and labour, are insured under your warranty. Telephone the maker if you will be helped by somebody, and examine, answer inquiries, and provide guidance.

Wine fridge cabinet with forced air cooling approaches are marginally louder than wine closets with cold wall heating systems once the fan while in the cold wall wine closet has been switched away.

Regrettably, you have to conduct the fan in wine closets using cold wall cooling strategies to keep up temperatures in the cabinet. Forced air cooling systems involve minimal maintenance, whereas cold wall heating methods require drip pans which will need to get cleaned and sometimes utilize air filters which have to be replaced. When the ceremony is essential, driven air cooling systems might be separated by the wine cabinet and replaced readily, where as cold wall heating systems have been integrated into to the cabinet and for that reason are complicated and extremely hard to displace and costly to fix.

Free Standing Cooler (The best small wine fridge)

wine fridge that appears to be standing anywhere like a small refrigerator is considered to be the free-standing version. It is suitable for garage, kitchen or any part of your home.

A Brief Summary of free-standing wine cooler

Best Under Counter Wine Cooler

Fits anywhere (This is the prime characteristics of it)

You can also use this as a built-in refrigerator version only if there is air circulation facility on the lower front part

UV tinted glass available for some versions that protect the bottles from heat damage

Look for a look before buying, it does not cost must

Wooden shelves help to reduce the noise and vibration

Some version of this one also has a reversible door facility (allows to reverse door from withering left to right or from the right to left)

Negative Sides:

Price can be a bit high (True for only some products)

Some version (which has rear air circulation) cannot fit under the counter

Faq: Where to put a free-standing beer fridges

The answer is in the name. It’s free-standing that represents the chiller fits anywhere. But, several things you need to keep in mind. Avoid direct sunlight as the UV rays expose your wine bottles towards damage. Leave enough space on each side as it requires to cool-down after becoming overheat. Do not place the chiller to somewhere with a significant risk of artificial vibration. Too much vibration and mobility disturb wine aging.

We have removed – wine and beer fridge that makes ICE inside

Just before a couple of paragraphs – we have presented optimal serving temperature for your wine.

wine cooler ice

We have also discussed the importance of the wine serving temperature. As you can see the taste of your vintage collections can easily vary due to the volatile temperature. It is also true that your wine cooler (if it makes ice inside) may destroy your vintage collections.

Our review process has eliminated similar products at the initial level and ensured the maximum quality.

What can other factors make your wine cooler worst?

There are some other factors you need to look at before buying your wine and beer refrigerator.

✔ Look for a Lock Before Buying a beer fridge for garage

A wine chiller chills your vintage wine collections at a perfect temperature level. But a wine cooler without a lock is not the best. There are some reasons behind looking for a lock.

Firstly you may expect to have some vintage wines which shouldn’t be available for others when you are not at home

Children or persons below preferred age must not be able to get your wine bottles

Furthermore, one lock always ensures that your cellar’s door is closed and the bottles are free from ultraviolet rays.

✔ Are you going to buy a wine cellar for BEER?

If you store beer in a wine cellar, you are not going get the expected stimulation from that chilled beer can. You should always know the BIG differences between a beverage cooler vs refrigerators.

Hope you are wondering why! Read our latest article on Typical Beverage Cooler VS Refrigerator to know more.

Explaining, Most of the beverage cooler is with a temperature of 34-64°F rather a wine cooler cools the wine bottle at 40-64°F. So, buying a wine chiller for beer will not be a great decision from your end.

✔ Ultra-Violet Glass Protection (Essential for glass front beverage cooler)

UV rays are the most classic culprit behind the damaged wine. If your wine cooler has not such UV protection glass in guard, your vintage collections may damage. Naturally, that affects the taste directly.

So, before saving your money ensure you have bought the required things, not just the thresholds.

✔ Air Circulation point (The front ventilated coolers)

Let us remind you again.

If you want to use a freestanding wine cooler as under the counter, you need to ensure whether air circulations are done from the front. If it is done from the rear or any other side, you need to keep enough space there – which works as a significant bottleneck.

You only need to consider this when you are not buying a built-in cooler, but you want to fulfill the purpose of a built-in under counter cooler by a free-standing one.

✔ Automatic temperature Memory Function (The temperature restore)

If you are going to buy a dual zone wine cooler, you need to look first whether there are automatic memory function to control the temperature.

You are going to need this very badly when-

There are variations of Red & White vintage collections, and they require two separate temperature. Automatic memory function help store the previously set temperature back when you are out of your home, and suddenly the electricity is not available.

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