Be aware of Workplace Safety | 20% ACCIDENT happens during work

It is very important to have and use safety signs in the workplace, to make yourself and your employees feel secure and comfortable. As if this content elaborates the safety signs but, before proceeding forward – we strongly suggest you to always use a professional tool backpack. It reduces the risk of injuries by 20%

These days life seems to get more difficult.

Everything is going up, from the primary needs like food and housing all the way to secondary necessities such as clothing and transportation. In order to have all of these things we need to invest a hefty sum of money and that is why many people go to work. We all work to get a good salary to fulfill our wants and needs, to have fun and to be able to relax after work.

How many hours of your time did you spend at your workplace?

If you work shift starts at eight in the morning until five in the evening it means you work eight hours a day (taking in consideration lunchtime) that also means you spend most of your time at your workplace. When we work, we usually do not think about anything else besides your jobs, and we always try to come up with new ways to use our eight hours effectively and finish the tasks assigned to us. In addition, you must already know that every job has it owns risk and because we are always concentrated in our daily tasks we do not realize the risks that are inherently associated with it. Even you work in an office behind a desk you are not exempt from earthquakes, fire or unfortunate accidents. This is where safety signs come into play.

Safety signs are essential tools to warn us about inherent dangers related to the place we work at and to avoid unnecessary accidents. Some of the most popular signs used in the workplace are for instance “no smoking signs”, this sign is used to prevent fire or to preserve people’s health.

Another popular safety sign is hazard-warning signs.

This sign usually use outside the room. This sign usually uses for people who work outside. The profession that related to this sign is rescuing forest team (someone who take care of the forest), the sign says like watch out from the wild animals and landslide. Someone who works in the volcano and soon. The safety sign in this area says warning from the eruption and volcano, no trespassing from five hundred meters.

This is some example the safety sign that uses inside and outside the room.

These safety signs are used for a hazardous situation that has some probability of injury or death of someone. These safety signs are very important to make their employee safe from the risk of their job. If they fell secure and safe, they can work comfortably and this can make their work productivity higher. Moreover, the effect is what the company will receive which is maximum profit.

Do You Take Workplace Safety Seriously?

Could your business be largely closed down because workplace safety had not been taken seriously enough?

A recent crane collapse in a shipyard killed one person and seriously injured another, prompted the ship-building company to indefinitely suspended manufacturing vessels as officials consider how to move forward with repairs. Workers have been laid off because work cannot proceed. Just stop and think what this would cost your business if something like that happened to your people. This happened in the USA but the legislation and work practices are similar around the world as is human nature.

I have certainly needed to deal with crane collapses, misuse and injuries in some of the businesses I have worked with.

I frequently noticed that young guys love to operate a crane or a forklift and of course they are supremely confident in their ability to do so. Their confidence is so much greater than their skill and experience, unfortunately. Even when they have passed their “ticket” I have seen a guy seriously injured by forgetting to refer to the lift tables in the cab and try to lift a heavy load sideways at full extension. Result – one toppled crane, a couple of hundred thousand dollars damage and a panicked young man who had also forgotten his seatbelt, thrown about then opening the door and jumping with totally unnecessary severe injuries. The ego was also dented.

The questions you need to ask is –

Are they qualified and also are they supervised? Do you have copies of their qualifications and have you checked their competency and kept good records of this?

How would your business cope with a 0,000 fine because one of your workers suffered hearing loss? to pay, 000 to each of five employees for noise-induced hearing loss, a total of 0,000. And the company may have to pay out more for hearing loss, as the court has yet to rule on the claims of 35 other former employees which would amount to millions if they all were ordered to receive, 000. The company was found to have violated its duty of care to employees when it failed to provide: – a workplace managed so that workers do not suffer from excessive noise – hearing protection worm by all employees in high noise environments – regular and periodic hearing tests, and – warnings of the dangers associated with long-term chronic occupational noise exposure. And the court noted that the company had decided not to spend 0,000 for noise control equipment during a million plant expansion in the late 1970s. The message is that “she WON’T be right mate!” If you employ or manage people in any industry how can you prevent accidents and deaths? And can you do this so that you don’t add huge overheads to your business?

Could your next mobile call me to come and sort out the mess because you have the body of someone’s precious 17-year-old son, or someone’s father and husband in your workplace?

Or the ambulance is tending to a young lad with a compound fracture to his leg that may never recover completely

This is not being dramatic. It happens. Can you imagine the repercussions? It is not only the shock and hurt at the time but the legal and financial fallout goes on for years. It may result in you going to jail and/or losing your house to pay the damages.


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